So Confused..

But I Really Am In Love With My Teacher, Let’s Call Him Pepper.. I’m 15, And Pepper’s 35, He’s Not Married Or In A Relationship, And Doesn’t Have Any Kids, Imagine A Shorter, Skinnier David Tennant, With Bigger Eyes.. I Seem To Be The Only One Who Finds Him Mesmorising To Look At, Completely Gorgeous.. I’ve Been In His Class For 2 Years, And Have Grown To Have Extremely Strong Feelings For Him, He’s Always Smliing, Winking With His Gorgeous Big Brown Eyes, Joking, Laughing, And Nudging Me, I Have Bad Depression, And We Talk Alot And Tell Each Other Secrets Or Problems, At Break Or At Lunch We Meet Up In His Room Sometimes To Talk, He Makes Me Coffee And Knows Just How I Like It, He Gazes Into My Eyes With Such Intensity It Gives Me Butterflies, And Sometimes I Catch Him Looking At Me In Class, Then He Blushes And Looks Away, We Always Lend Each Other CD’S And Stuff, We Both Have The Same Music And Film Taste, And If I Ask To Borrow Something, He’ll Hand It To Me, And Touch My Hand, As If He Doesn’t Want To Let Go, I’ve Met His Brother, Who Says That I’m Awesome, And Always Tells Pepper To Say Hi To Me, And Ask How I Am, Pepper Knows Almost Everything About Me And I Can’t Stop Thinking About Him, And Every Day For The Past 2 Years He’s On My Mind More Than Anything Else.. I Know Almost Everything ABout Him, And His Past That He's Told Me So Much About, I Notice Little Habits He Has, Such As Tapping The Board With The Pen When He's Stopped Writing, Or Putting The Emphasis On 'K' On The Ends Of Words Like 'Characteristic' He Teaches Science, Which Is One Of My Favourite Lessons, And I’m Good At It, He Always Comes Over To Our Table, Stand Next To Me And Asks If Anyone Needs Any Help, Then Put His Hand On My Shoulder, Winks, And Goes Back To His Desk, We’re Really Good Friends, And We Act Like That Sort Of Best-friend Couple That Has Inside Jokes And Flirts 24/7, Just Watching Him Gives Me Butterflies, Everyone Tells Me That He Flirts With Me SO Much, And That If He Wasn’t A Teacher We’d Make The Best Couple Ever.. Am I Being Pathetic, Because I’ve Never Felt This Way About Anyone..
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2 Responses May 28, 2012

It sounds like he has feelings for you and he seems really sweet.

He's Amazingly Sweet [': Aww D'you Really Think So?? ^__^ X

You're not being pathetic first of all. You have lots of good times with him. You could do two things. Or you could maybe wait till you graduate and in graduation day tell him how you fell about him, kiss him , and if he kisses you back, great. Or I think the second choice would be to still remain friends and be you until he expresses his feelings towards you. Hope is helped and I wish you the best of luck :)

Thankyou! [': Yeahh Good Idea, I Wanna Stay In Contact With Him No Matter What..