Work Experience

The last 2 weeks i've been doing work experience so i haven't really seen him, but it was my last shift today and Mr D came up to have a chat with me to see how its been. 'hey (myname) is it alright if i have a word with you?' I sat him down on the sofa and just said that i loved it and i dont wanna go to back to school. he laughed and said 'well i hope you're joking cause then i wont be able to see you any more' with a puppy dog eyes, before i even had a chance to respond one of my colleges came over and said '(myname) the last 2 weeks have been so special to me, please will you marry me?' i laughed and said 'aww Matt of course i will!' he put the ring on my finger and went back to work. I looked over at mr D and he seemed upset 'you alright sir?' he took my by the hand and said 'please tell me that this is a joke and its not serious.' I looked at my hand and said 'sir i've known the boy for about 2 months and i've only just started working with him of course its a joke!' his face lit up and he said 'good you had me worried there!' bless him :')

He saw me having a laugh with the male staff and hugging them and putting my arm round Matt joking a round with Ben play fighting with Andy, i went over to say goodbye to him and he said 'you seem to get along really well with them, you seem really close' as he said this his voice changed a little bit i looked at him took him by the hand and said 'they're like my family, i love them but nobody not even JLS come close to you sir!' he had the biggest smile on his face when i said that cause he knows how much i love JLS. He said 'bye (myname) enjoy your last shift and i'll see you monday' he rubbed my back and off he went.
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Jls had a mash-up with One Direction! It was badass !

This is really sweet - he's so jealous. You reacted very well. I wouldn't have been able to speak :).