So, the second to last day of school, I got a few of my teacher's to sign my yearbook. All were super sweet but I swear Mr. A's made me want to cry.

"You are one of the most talented students that I have ever been blessed to have. You are also one of the most extraordinary young women that I know. I wish you all the best in every endeavor and beg you to return to my classroom some day." Signed with "warmest regards," his full name. Along with a crude, cartoon-ish drawing of him saying "you are cool!" and me. XD

As I was leaving his room he told me if I wasn't in his class again in the future he'd be upset, I should consider taking AP Euro, and then pointed at himself and then at me, and all I could do was nod because mentally I was freaking out that this may not be the last year I'll be in his class.

For the last day, I had written thank you letters to three of my teachers. Two were fairly short but of course Mr. A's was like a full page. It was just stupid cheesy stuff, thanking him for being so kind to me and making me like history and introducing me to different music and stuff. I don't know why I couldn't summarize that.

Anyway, I gave my science teacher his and then asked for a hug in my awkward quiet way, and he gave me a really awesome hug and told me to visit him next year. I gave Mr. A his letter, he glanced at it and said "woah, that's really long. Thank you!" I explained to him how short the other teachers' were and he's like "you're gonna make me cry." Later on I gave my English teacher his note, and I was planning to hug him but I started to get nervous because I wasn't close to him so it might be weird for him, but thankfully he actually asked me for one because he's awesome and secretly a mind reader or whatever.

And, as for hugging Mr. A... Well, I told my friend I wanted to go give him a hug but I was too nervous so she pushed me through the hallway (this is why I love her). In the 10 seconds it took to walk over to his room, my stomach had started aching so badly I thought I was going to vomit. I managed to walk in despite that and stand and look at him awkwardly until he asked 'what' and I took a deep breath and asked for a hug.... He said "yeah, I didn't know if you wanted one" (wait, so he did?) and I hugged him and he's like the most delicate hugger ever and it was nice but anyway.

I got home later to find Mr. A had emailed me saying my letter had touched him, and he suggested another album for me to listen to. That more than made my day. :) I actually haven't been too terribly upset about school ending and I'm not sure if it's because it hasn't hit me, or because I know it's not the last I'll see of him.
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There lovely.. Yeah so are English teachers.. But I have my eyes on my amazing history teacher...if you want to read my story look and see in my perspective we are so similar!<br />
I wish you luck dear:)

Your story touched me!!... I'm 100% you's two will keep in touch as I was reading your story I knew you and your history teacher have something 'magical':D... I can relate to you so much ... I also really like my history teaher :).. All these history hunks are amazingXD

Your comment made me smile. Thank you! And I know; history teachers are the best (sometimes). It seems a lot of people like English teachers, so it's good to see I'm not alone :)

This was really sweet! I liked how your friend pushed you to hug him!! I hope the hug was absolutely special like mine was! I love what he wrote in your yearbook! I thought that was very extraordinary! I can totally relate to the ending how he wrote you an email! I also wrote my teacher a long heart warming letter that he absolutely loved and appreciated and he emailed me saying that! I'm glad you two shared wonderful moments together!

Thank you so much :D The hug was nice but again he was really light about it (being cautious). It was still wonderful to hug him though, not to be creepy. Lol. I read your story and it's amazingly adorable; so is the photo. :)

I'm glad it was wonderful! And thank you!!! :DD

All your stories are so cute. He'll definitely make sure you'll keep in touch even if you don't have him!

Aw, thank you. I hope you're right!