12. Should Have Ran

Some nights, everything just rushes back and I wake up. Sometimes, I realize I was never sleeping to begin with. Reality mixes with dreams sometimes.

Sometimes, I regret ever putting myself in this position but I know I wouldn't take it all back.

At first, I thought of this as a game, him as a challenge so why? Why am I still here?

How I wish I knew he wasn't single, let alone getting married. I didn't expect him to respond either but then again, what would the point of the game if he didn't.

Never less, things happen and life goes on. We have to learn to let go, we have to learn to think of what is best for our loved ones rather than us alone.

I don't think this is 'Love'. Hell, I don't even know if true love exists. Point is it doesn't matter. He's probably on his honeymoon right now.

Maybe the occasional 'what if's' cross my mind, it is stupid though.

Very stupid.

Ugh! It's likeā€¦ I met someone who can play my game. And he won. He's not the one sitting venting to strangers on his laptop, I am. He got entertainment+ a new wife.

Karma truly is a *****.

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Jul 16, 2012