Oh No...

So I started school on Monday. It is a totally different school, sadly Mr. O is not even in the building. :( I'm really sad, I miss him so much, it has been almost been three months since the last time I saw him :( But at least we keep in touch. Like today he emailed me finally! I have been waiting all summer! I didn't see him once this summer, except at the movies :) But ughh I miss him. I feel like we won't have any talks together like we used to.... It makes me so sad. Every night I pray though that somehow someway I will get one chance with him. Because one chance is all I need.
But well yeah school is fine. I'm getting used to the schedule and school. But now there is this other teacher. My Agriculture Science teacher, Mr. B. So here's the story I posted on facebook my schedule and one of my friends who is a grade above me said you will love him! I was like hmm okay! So I was on my way to AG Science and I couldn't find it. So I saw this teacher helping students and so I asked him. At first I didn't see his face but then he said this is AG Science right here, I'm the teacher, and you are? He lifted up his head and I stepped back. He has to most gorgeous eyes ever and mainly while I stepped back was because he looked so much like Chris Evans.......... Like a twin. Than I sat down and omfg he is so funny. I swear I know I am infatuated with him. I have only known him for two days! But I like him haha he is so nice.
But Mr. O is a totally different story. I love that man, he is so wonderful. They say if you crush/infatuation lasts more then 4 months then you are in love. I know I am, my feelings are there. Like today I feel on the floor when I found out he emailed me. Then I just pray every night, and make sure he is safe, okay, and happy, and accept him for who he is. <3
balboaKOfan balboaKOfan
18-21, F
Aug 28, 2012