History Class

She runs to her seat.
Everything is new to her.
Her mind is exploding with thoughts of, " will he teach class like my past teacher I love, or will, he be totally different?"
As the teacher speaks, she wished she was back exactly one year ago in his class, being seat, and getting to know him very well...
Well enough that she falls for him.
Then as she rethinks beautiful moments with him, her current teacher mentions her past teacher to the class.
She can't help but smile and add comments about him.
He is everything to her.
Class is going as expected, until she can't cope with missing him.
She tries not to cry, but tear flow from her eyes to her cheek.
She hides her tears as well as she can. Luckily no one has realized.
The she realizes that she is not sure if she has the ability to handle an honors level class.
She know he said she is amazing at history, but the only reason behind that was to impress him.
Sure she can manage to try, but she would rather try with his voice in the room.
His jokes throughout the class.
Him in a classy sexy suit, but the only thing she can do is believe.
Yeah maybe faith will put her together with him, but the chances are so slim.
Hopes and dreams she has had.
All of them are erased from her mind, except this one, the most outrageous one of them all; to marry her gorgeous history teacher.
balboaKOfan balboaKOfan
18-21, F
Aug 31, 2012