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I've finally decided to share my story about my teacher. He teaches history and only came to my school last year. Let's call him Mr. C. He taught our class last year and it was probably around December last year when I really started to fall for him. It wasn't really a 'love at first sight' thing. It was more of a gradual feeling in which I tried to deny but failed. I admire his way of thinking, teaching and he's very cute. Not to mention he's only 10 years older (I'm 15!).

Today was the first day back to school after the summer and I received a new timetable meaning new teachers. I was so certain I'd have him teach us again as on our last lesson before the summer we moved to the new classroom to get used to the new seating plan and stuff. I guess things got changed around and it turns out he doesn't teach me for history any more :(

I'm honestly just feeling distraught. He was a good teacher and I enjoyed his lessons and was the only thing I looked forward to when I went to school. It's only been the first day and I haven't even seen him once. I expected to pass him through the corridors or see him at lunchtime to get his meal! Not even once. I know it's been one day and maybe I'll see him next week again but I just know I'm gonna see him less and less now that he doesn't teach me any more.

Truthfully, I'm pretty sure he didn't like me back. It would be wrong to I guess... and I'm nothing special. I'm just the shy/quiet girl who never talks in lesson (except to my friend). But he's so nice to his students and always cracks jokes and shares some stuff about his personal life and I'm just gonna miss it so much. School just doesn't feel the same again now that he's 'gone'.

I think it's time to give up liking him but that is the hardest thing I'm ever going to overcome.
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Sorry :( wanna talk about it?

It breaks my heart reading this. Love literally hurts! But Just don't loose contact with him. This will break you and that's not good for you. Hey, atleast he still goes to your school not like he left forever, Now that would be something else. But, keep your head up babe .xx Contact him, go to his class and chat with him and trust me you guys will grow together as a strong friendship. Have a nice day darling. <3 Xx

Thanks so much :) actually something really good happened, I'll share a new story soon x

I'm really sorry to hear about that :( My advice to you would be this: see how next week goes. If you get to see him in corridors, or at lunch time, and you start to think that you don't have to get over him, then don't. Try and talk to him, and see if the friendship will work. If you don't ever see him, then take this as your chance to move on, before it's too late. You could do either of those things straight from the off, that's why I'm saying wait a week, maybe two, and see how the school situation goes. Also, just because you're pretty sure he didn't like you back, doesn't mean you can't be really good friends. And I bet you are special, it's just that you're drowned out by the louder people. And I think that teachers like people like you more, because you're different than the others. Maybe you could get him to tutor you? There's lots of ways you can stay close with him. And try to use that not having him there as motivation. I know that seems hard, but if you say, get the best in the year, or do an amazing project, then the other teachers will hear about it. That will make him really proud of you. Sorry this is so long and probably makes no sense. Make sure to tell us what you decide to do, and also let us know things that happen with him as it goes along :)

I would love to talk to him but I'm really really shy and I don't think I'd ever have the guts to do that &gt;_&lt;

No you comment makes a lot of sense + thanks so much for responding ^_^ I will definitely update on what happens :)