He Saved My Life

I've posted other stories on here about my feelings for my music teacher, and I used to be angry at myself about it; I hated wanting something so far out of my reach! I believe everything happens for a reason, and it only recently hit me why I admire this amazing man so much, and it only recently hit me that it is the reason I am where I am academically, and health-wise. 

A few years ago, I went to the doctor coz I kept getting sick, and I kept getting ear and throat infections. It turned out I had an under-active thyroid (it's a gland in your throat), but that was okay, it's manageable and yeah. I'm also pretty short, but that's okay, I like it that way haha. Anyway basically no one put two and two together and realized that I had Turner syndrome until I was ten. It's a horrible condition that only affects girls, and they can get things like heart disease and yeah it's really sad :(. Luckily the only symptoms of it that they can find are my thyroid and my height, so I'm REALLY lucky coz it means I have mosaic turner syndrome (just bits and pieces of the symptoms, not the full disease). Okay now onto the part about my music teacher (sorry that was so long)...

I met him shortly after I found out about this whole thing. At first he was just another teacher, just a new, young, and fresh face. I didn't dislike him, but he taught highschool and I wasn't in highschool yet, so I didn't really properly meet him until our school musical. There was a point where I realized I had a crush on him, but it was still a fairly gradual thing, and the feelings got more and more intense. Just to confirm, I am attracted by his personality just as much as his looks, and I would never be silly enough to act on my feelings; he is still a lot older than me, and he is happily married with children. I kind of grew to accept this, because having his friendship and having him care for me like his own daughter was enough to get me through.  Without even trying, we just get along. People who don't know about my crush think that I'm his favorite, but I don't think he has favorites, I'm just closer to him than a lot of other students. Even with all of that, I would still get really hurt and mad if I saw him even talking with other girls (I know, REALLY stupid...). It would be so frustrating, and it was like it was eating me from the inside, and destroying me! And like I said before, nothing could ever happen between us and I was angry at myself for having these feelings for someone so far out of my reach. 

Here's the thing with turner syndrome patients; GENERALLY, they don't do very well in school. Sadly people just assume that they don't have much intellectual ability, when in fact they're just as bright (sometimes brighter) than normal kids, and have just as much potential to be successful, and a lot of them are successful. The thing is, they just lose interest in school altogether, usually when they get to high school. And up until recently, I just thought I was one of the lucky ones, and I sadly didn't realize that their intellect wasn't the problem. When I realized they lost interest in school, it suddenly hit me that I could've easily been one of those kids. Music (and of course the music teacher :D) had given me a reason to get out of bed each morning for the last four years, and it gave me something in school to look forward to. After all those years of anger at myself for my feelings, you have no idea how great it felt to realize that there WAS a purpose for him coming into my life! He was the reason that I was getting A's in practically all my subjects, he was the reason I wasn't completely miserable at school every day, and he was the reason I had this positive outlook, and through that, helping me improve my health. I'm so lucky because I'm actually 80% turner syndrome, so it's lucky that I don't have some pretty serious health problems, and having my friends, family, other teachers at school, and especially him has helped me tremendously. 

One day, when him and I are older and I'm a music teacher with him (I want to be a music teacher when I'm older, and he's already told me he'll save me a spot :D I love my school and have been there since kindergarten, when it first opened.), I hope to laugh with him about my high school crush on him, and tell him how having him as my only true best friend not only changed my life, but it could quite well have saved my life... :)
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One word, awwwwww

Haha thanks :)

Wow. I'm so sorry to hear about you having mosaic turner syndrome, but I'm also so pleased that it's not the full disease. It's brilliant that he's been your motivation to go to school every day! I too believe that everything happens for a reason, so I'm really glad that you've found out the reason for him being put in your life. I'm really happy that you're doing so well in school. Make sure to keep up that motivation, because it clearly seems to be working so far! :)

Aww thanks so much! <3. As I said, I'm so extremely lucky. Because I didn't know that I had it until I was ten, my brain was communicating with the rest of my body as if nothing was wrong, and all my hormone levels are in normal range! It's amazing how powerful the mind is... Hha every time I see him I can't help but smile at how he doesn't realize how much he has changed my life :). How have things with you and your teacher been going?
Thanks so much for commenting and I hope to hear more of your stories about your teacher too :) xx