We Cried Then Said 'i Love You'

I went to go see Mr D yesterday to tell him that my Grandad passed away Sunday afternoon, when I went to his room he noticed I was a bit shakey 'you okay (my name) you look really upset' I just broke down crying and said 'my Grandad passed' his face went white and he seemed shakey and shed a tear 'oh my god I'm so sorry' Mr D came over and gave me a hug. Then he said something that caught me off guard '(my name) have you told Alfie?' I broke away from the hug looked at him and said 'we broke up Saturday night sir' he gave me another hug and said 'I'm sorry if you don't mind me asking why?' I wiped away a tear and said 'he was cheating on me' sir gave me a tissue and we just talked

When I went to leave his room to tell Mr R (my head of house) about Grandad I turned around and said 'sir, you just call my name and I'll be with you for a minute or an hour I'm here for you' he smiled and said 'thank you, I'm here for you too, love you'
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He loves you for sure. ask him out or something lol. he tried ******* kiss you TWICE!!! :D

You guys got something going on. I think he isn't trying to make a move on you yet because you are so young. I like the friendship relationship you both have with each other. It is unique and its a good thing.

That's really very sweet of him to care for you like that. ; v ;

That made me smile. He really loves you