Bus Driver Loveee

So this girl...she's not exactly a teacher.

She's my bus driver. And she DID teach me things. Like all about sex. I love my bus driver. I do. I really do. God I do.

So here's my story:

I'm fifteen years old and my bus driver is 42. Don't say anything please. I love her. I was the last bus stop on that Friday. I knew my mom wasnt going to be home, and we lived up in the mountains a little, so it was easy for a giant school bus to just be parked in the road. Well on those seats we had fun.

I found my mom's old ring from her third marriage. I brought it to my bus driver and I proposed. We will be married someday. When I turn 18. Until then, we will have fun on the bus seats. God I love her. Our engagement is a secret and someday when we can be married we will have kids. Her son, Jonah, is in my English class. He's sexy. I'm bisexual and bus drivers are so hot. So if you're an older woman (or man) and you drive buses...HIT ME UP :) mother trucker out
dembitche dembitche
70+, M
Sep 23, 2012