Update! :) Great Update!

Oh wow I haven't shared here in ages!
Well just sum it up quickly here it is.
Over the summer I could not handle not seeing him. I tried everything to see him. I convinced my mom to travel to the library and pizza parlor where he lives, so many things. 
Than school started now I graduated and moved onto another school so he will never be my teacher again.
Than I saw him on the first day of school back for him. (September 6th) I walked 4 miles to my old school just to see him.
And that day was the anniversary we met. We talked for about 8 minutes about our lives, how school was, etc. And then I asked for a hug since it was a few months that I haven't seen him, and he did. He is the most amazing person on this earth and beyond.
Then I left. I had done this about 4 or 5 more times, it's the same, we talk, hug, and then I leave. I don't care how far I have to walk I do it.
But then today I visited him again and waited 30 minutes for him to come out of the building. Then I saw him in his blue dressy shirt with manila pants. I was so excited. ( btw i saw him about a week ago before this and for my ag class we had a beef raffle going on and I needed to get at least one person to sign up for it so i asked him and he said yes)
So I walked to his truck and he saw me and heres the convo
Him: Hey You! What are you up to!
Me: Hey! I just was walking over here and I need to ask you a few questions.
Him: Yeah sure go for it!
( this is the part where I ask dumb questions about history or something about his life just so I have an excuse to talk to him, he answers, laughs, smiles, and stands directly next to me. Oh god am I getting shorter or is he getting taller, fricken 6' 6'' man)
Him: By the way I love you so much for asking me about that beef raffle cause I won! I love you I would have even loved you if I didn't win!
Me: (my thoughts in my head: HOLY MOTHA FUQQQ WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED, OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!) My mouth: Oh really haha! I didn't know nice job and thanks!!!
Him: No thank you! I looooveeee you!! Haha anyways I have to go, sorry I would have loved to have talked to you for hours! Just like last year! Have a nice night!
Me: Thank you you too! Can I have a hug?? 
Him: Sure why not!
(Then we hugged body to body chest to chest, so close I could feel his heart beat for about 8 seconds)
I let go and he said you have a great day you make me so happy!
Then I responded oh you do to! Have a fantastic day!!
Then he left. :(
Well this just made my year. Oh god he told me he loved me! :)
Ahhhh! You should have seen me earlier, I was jumping around, yelling! Everything! Oh I still love that man and ALWAYS WILL!
So yeah this is just a little update since I have posted since June! :)
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2 Responses Oct 11, 2012

Wow he doesn't care for ya does he? Dude I don't even get a hug from him let alone to talk to for 10 minutes. :) Your still a good friend though... :)

Was he serious when he said he loved you for real?

haha im not really sure I was going to ask but that would have indicated that i really wanted to know and cared if he was being serious