My Teacher: My Best Friend

I never had many friends in Middle School. I've always been sort of an introvert. It's not that I'm hostile to others. I have friends at church and friends who live in other states. In fact, I often get told by adults that I am the sweetest girl they have ever met. But, shyness has a price, and being a loner at school was my price. Ever since I met my special teacher in 7th grade, though, my life hasn't been the same. At first, I didn't think much about her at all. She is just a normal middle-aged lady, after all, who happened to be my neighbor down the street. But after getting to know her over the period of my 7th grade year, I realized that she isn't JUST a normal middle-aged lady. She is a normal, middle-aged lady with an extremely soft and kind heart, a caring spirit, and the best hugs ever. We became very close around February of that year. I made her several special gifts, and she even gave me a special gift: a blue magnetic bracelet which has charms you can attach to it. She picked out two charms for me with the bracelet. One was a pink sparkly heart with a blue sparkly background, and the other was another heart that said : "We just click" on it. Those words touched me, because I felt that we really did click that year. She almost became sort of a second mother to me.

The summer after my 7th grade year, I was so sad to leave my dear teacher. I hugged her so tight on the last day of school, and also gave her a card that I had spent hours working on. Then, I left. She once invited me over to her house about two weeks after that school year was over. I babysat her children, and everything was wonderful. All summer long after that, though, was torture. I didn't hear a single word from my teacher. We both moved houses that summer. I moved all the way across town, and she moved one neighborhood down, so I didn't get to see her at all. That next year, 8th grade, started incredibly quickly and I tried to move on and focus on building relationships with my current teachers instead of her, but it didn't work. I still wore that blue bracelet every single day to school, and each time I looked down at it, it made me sadder and sadder. I saw my teacher in the hallway, but we were like ships that passed in the night. Every time I saw her pass by, I would feel the sting of tears coming into my eyes. I was growing apart to someone who was basically my best friend. She was the one who got me through the dog days of middle school with her comforting words. I looked back on 7th grade and how I used to go into her room after school, and just sit there and talk to her. It didn't happen anymore. It devastated me. That was, until, our relationship was rekindled.

Around November or December of my 8th grade year, I knew that I had to do something. I was growing apart to someone who was very special to me, and I had to put a stop to it. So, I began to talk to her more. Every time I would see her in the hallway, I made an effort to give her a cheery hello. I began to come to her room more, and I even remembered the birthdays of her daughter and son by giving them intricately made homemade cards. By March of 8th grade, we were closer than we had ever been in 7th grade. I came in after school and helped her with projects, hugged her and her kids lots, and everything was even better than it had been in 7th grade. That was when I made the decision to change schools for my high school years. You see, I went to a private school that went from preschool-12th grade. However, since I had no friends at school, the school down the road from it seemed like a better option. I didn't want to tell Mrs. D; I really didn't. I didn't tell anyone. But, she found out. Another teacher who had to write a letter of recommendation for me told her that I was moving schools.

When she found out, she invited me to have lunch with her in her classroom. As soon as I found out what the subject was, I burst into tears. I told her that I was sorry and that I really wanted to come visit her, but that the school just really wasn't where I belonged. I was so afraid all along that she would be mad at me. She wasn't, though. We both got up out of our seats and she gave me a long, comforting hug. She told me that we would always be in touch no matter where I went to school, and she said that she thinks the world of me and she was excited for me. After that, the transition wasn't so bad.

May came, and on one of the last days of my 8th grade year, I had a surprise in store for sweet Mrs. D. I made her one of my favorite recipes, cake balls, and also a homemade card with a two and a half page letter inside, telling her how much of a difference she has made in my life. When I gave it to her, for the first time ever, I saw her start sobbing. She put down the card, covered her face with her hands, and just sobbed. I started sobbing too, and we just ran to each other and embraced each other. I think she was afraid that she was never going to see me again. I knew in my heart, though, that I would make sure that never happened.

That next day, she surprised me, too, with a two page letter of her own that she wrote to me. The card talked about how much of a difference I have made in HER life. I was astounded. On the inside cover of the card, she wrote the opening lines: "To a special girl who is very close to my heart!" As I read the two page letter that followed, I sobbed and sobbed, just like she had when she opened my card. After I read her letter in front of her, we just grabbed each other and hugged each other tight. "I love you so much, Zoe," she said. "We all do. I hope you know that," she said as she started to tear up again.

Now 8th grade is long over, and so is the summer after that. All summer long, I tried to work up the nerve to send an email to my dear teacher and tell her how I was doing. I finally did it in August, just a few weeks before school started. She was very happy to hear from me. She told me that I could email, text, or call her anytime I like. She also told me to come visit her whenever I could. I felt so happy that she had left the door open for me.

I started my new school in mid-August, and it's working out very well. I fit in much better and I have lots of friends here. On the first day of school, I emailed Mrs. D and told her all about my great experiences. I have emailed her about every two weeks since then. But I still missed seeing her in real life more than ever. I hadn't seen her in one hundred some days, and I missed her terribly. That was, until September 7th.

I still remember the day so clearly. When I woke up, I had no idea that I would end up seeing Mrs. D that afternoon. But, a thunderstorm came and my daily tennis lessons were canceled, so I had a free afternoon. When my mom picked me up from school, I asked her if I could go see my dear teacher. At first, my mom said no. She thought that I was crazy for wishing to go back to visit a school in which I wasn't even that happy. I tried to explain to her, though, that I don't miss the students at my old school, though all the teachers are like dear friends to me. Eventually, my mom consented. We drove down the street, and I began to tense up. I was so nervous. I hadn't seen Mrs. D in over five months. What if she was too busy to talk to me? As we inched closer and closer to my old school, though, I began to relax a little. She told me to visit whenever I wanted, and I was just taking her up on it.

When we arrived, my mom drove me to the front of the building, and I hopped out of the car. I didn't even look around me. I just ran. I ran into my old Middle School building, past the office, past several classrooms, straight to Mrs. D's classroom door. My heart seemed to be beating out of my chest. Peering into her classroom, a thousand nostalgic memories overcame me. I didn't see her in her room, but I knocked anyway. She is a biology teacher and she has a little back room that she sometimes goes in. Nothing happened the first time I knocked, so I knocked again. I was about to give up hope when I suddenly saw the doorknob of her back room move. It opened, and out came her daughter! Her 4th grade daughter, Chloe, opened up the classroom door and her eyes just about popped out of her head. "Zoe?" she asked me.

"Hi!" I replied to her, embracing her.

"Mom! Zoe's here!" screamed Chloe towards the back room. In about one second, the door to the back room opened, and out came the face which I had been longing to see for months and months--it was the loving face of Mrs. D.

"ZOE!" she shouted, and we immediately ran to each other and hugged each other tightly. "How are you? You look so beautiful and grown up!"

"I'm great," I replied to her. "Actually, I'm wonderful!"

"Well, come in!" she replied as she put her arm around me. "I want to hear all about your new school! Tell me everything!" And the rest is history. I walked out of that classroom two hours later a whole different person. My face was glowing. I was so happy! My mom picked me up, and I was all smiles. In fact, I was all smiles for days after that. I've been back four times since then to visit her, and each time she has encouraging and beautiful words to speak to me. I just can't believe how much I've been blessed with a relationship like this one.

I'm not sure why exactly I had the sudden urge to tell the story of Mrs. D. I guess I've just been thinking of her a lot. As I write this, I am looking down at my blue bracelet with my "we just click" charm, and now instead of crying when I see it, I smile. Mrs. D is always with me whenever I look down and see that bracelet. The story hasn't ended yet. I have a good feeling that the story has barely begun. I have so many good times ahead of me. There are many other stories that I have similar to this one, because I am close to all of my heroes, teachers. But, of all my teacher stories, Mrs. D is by far the most special of all. Mrs. D is not just my teacher anymore. She is my role model, my second mom, and a constant encouragement to me. She is my best friend.

Just a normal middle-aged lady? I don't think so.
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after reading this story about a student teacher relationship I felt like sharing something that happened with me. I m not an introvert but I lack positivity in me and I suffer a lot . but the things changed when I moved to 9 grade a beautiful charming young lady joined the school. apart from teaching she used to have a moral lecture I loved it a lot. with time I kinda admire her as my favourite teacher. when I moved to 10grade I was just undergoing some problems in life but u couldnt speak to my friends but she could read my eyes and one fine day she called me in staffroom and said whatever is there speak it out eventually I started crying n telling her the matters. that day she gave me her number and said you can ring anytime. though she used to teach me but in class we could never talk personal matters so just hr class was like a seventh cloud for me. she encouraged me a lot and then I was so depressed that I will move to 11grade and we will no longer talk but as soon my 11begin 5april was her birthday and I gifted her she was happy and then whenever she met we used to talk. there was some function in the school and she appointed me as anchor and I could get time with her. but she was busy enough. the next thing was when we connected virtually she joined whatsapp and we started talking. we talked whole summers and when I came school she gifted me something and I was so happy. with time I could tell her my past and my future plans. she always listened and provided me positivity. I could see best friend in her. then on teachers DAy I planned something for her and it worked. then after exams she called me her home for dinner and believe me I felt like my home . I was not at all hesitant even I could sleep off. then visiting her home once a week was a habit. but sadly then was my trip I wished she accompanied but she couldn't first time in life I cried for going on trip because I had to leave something very special but there also I remained in touch and got gifts for her. her son is my brothers classmate so he used to visit me ...and then he turned so close to me .I luv him a lot. then her bday approached and I went for nighout to her and at 12:00 me and her son celebrated it . she cut the cake and then we enjoyed. next day we again planned surprise of balloon . then was 45 day long vacation I was so upset as I had to go . during vacation she had surgery and you won't blive when she was in hospital I ommited to sleep I was just thinking about her I couldn't resist and I went to meet her during vacation. when we joined back she was on medical leave but I could go and meet her often. with time this bond deepend and I had habit of her. even we fight at pitty issues and I say I won't talk to u mam but then I can't live and u know I talk to her. my 11grade is about to end and last year in school would begin thinking of this makes me cry that how would I leave but I just want to say till today I was never ever able to express anything to Her. seeing her gives Me a spark to do well. talking to her. gives happiness and having her gives meaning to life. and her son now is like family to me. they both are part of me.
mam brought a big difference to me she is my best friend. I just can't express wat she means to me.many times she says that I will forget her in years to come but she is wrong can you forget breathing or having food sameway I think about her every min of life till I am alive. once I m navy officer I will take you to Mumbai for sure and I will make you proud. I am indebted to my mother for living but to her for living well.

I love you mam.

this student needs you always.

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I am baffled. It's exactly like my experience! I fought through embarrassment and fear by the way I acted. I always did everything I could for her and sacrificed A LOT. I wrote her sweet notes every Monday, calling them Monday Notes. She loved them. She came over in the summer.

If there is a break during school, she asked me to write her Monday Notes through Facebook because "It was nice to have something happy to look forward to".

I haven't regretted anything I have done because she is my best friend... She also wrote me a note at the end of the year: Stating that I had impacted her life and heart. She thanked me for accepting her, loving her, and caring for her just the way she is.

She told me she loved me dearly. She claimed not to be good with words, but she loved receiving sweet words.

So, I put a lot into this friendship in seventh grade and I still have one more year to spend with her... Sadly, she will be gone for a few months due to her having her first child. Whom I will babysit as she claims. :)

I remember her telling me in advance with the words "I wanted to tell you before the rest of the class because you're my favorite seventh grader." And out came the news that she was pregnant...

Also, it was cool because a little while before that, I had had a dream that she was pregnant with a baby girl... And as the months went on - she ended up having a baby girl. :)

She is definitely my Best Friend.

I get a long with all of my teachers. One I call "Gramma" to tease her age. Another I call "Mother" because she calls me "her only daughter".

Teacher/student friendships are great and a lot of my teachers risk rules to become close with all the students. I just hope this world eases up on teacher/student relationships.

I love my teachers alot as well and have such a relationship too.. But I don't think I would ever be able to express it the way you've done Zoe! :)
Thanks for sharing this..

my "middle school neighbor teacher" is cool and all, but...

What a beautiful story,I really wish I had such amazing relationship with my math teacher which is amazing and I love her as human being but sadly she is 33 years older than me, and I'm too shy to start talking to her more even beside that she loves talking to children but the age difference is very huge...:/

Thanks for sharing! This story is EXACTLY how I hope my relationship with my teacher can be! I can only hope my teacher is as fond of me as yours is of you!

Thank you for sharing this story! I have the same kind of relationship with my teacher.

This story truly moved me, it parallels my relationship with my own teacher.