I never meant for this to happen,
I really didn’t.
But when you asked me, it wasn’t a question,
It was an accusation.
And if I was being honest, I couldn’t be honest.
I never intended for this.
She’s sick.
I know that – I know.
I miss her.
I miss you.
I was up against a wall. What could I say?
We could have just gone on pretending,
Like we did all last year.
I never wanted this, not this.
I wasn’t lying. The truth just wouldn’t cut it.
And then you left.
And I meant to tell you – to answer your question –
I whispered.
But you weren’t asking,
And I certainly wasn’t telling.
You love me?
She’s sick.
I never intended for this,
I whispered,
Not this.
I was sick.
This is sick.
Neither did I,
You said as you closed the door.
You love me?
I never intended for this.
Well, it happened.
She’s sick.
No, I’m sick.
What could I say?
UtterChaos UtterChaos
22-25, F
Dec 2, 2012