Well a few weeks ago I went over to the middle school to talk to Mr. M about the science fair coming up soon. My partner and I walked in and there was also one of my other teachers I had in there too. We told both of them about the science fair and Mr. M freaked out! He started out by saying that you should ask before you come in. Next, he said, it is not my responsibility to do this. In the end he said yes. But I hate how he reacted. Yes. I know I should of asked instead of just assuming. I am honestly not that kind of person and I know he knew that.
The other day, my partner made both of us apologize. He said its okay it happens. Then today he looked really good, but surprisingly stressed. He said hi ladies as usual. I just regret everything that I have done. But doesn't everybody?
bec193 bec193
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012