There's A New Guy In Town

So my former teacher, Mr.C is a really good guy. Not gonna lie, but he is attractive. He is also very fit and loves to bike. Everyone hates him because he is "mean" and "rude". I can't see it. He does get stressed very easily and I can understand why. People are kinda rude to him. His class is so easy and nobody but me seems to get what he is saying. He is way nicer than Mr. M ever was to me. Mr. C has a lot of faith in me and that is probably why I enjoy his class and him. I think he is nice and sweet. He is a really good guy and doesn't try to flirt with you 24/7. He is also very understandable. I just hate how I only have him for a half of the year. But I expect to see him often. :)
bec193 bec193
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012