Revenge Is Sweet! (the Prank To End All Pranks)

Lol if you haven't read my other stories, here's a brief background to this story: last year, our school went on an outdoor education camp. And my music teacher/crush, Mr. F, freaked me and my friends out on the speedboat, so we wanted to get him back. Long story VERY short, we pranked him, but he turned it on us and WE ended up being the ones pranked... But come on, his big brothers pranked him as a kid all the time so you've gotta give us a little credit. He did fall for it, but only for a few minutes. Anyway he decided to announce that I was pranked in front of the whole school and it was embarrassing so I wanted to get him back.

For good.

This was the prank to end all pranks!

We had an information night for year nine and we had to choose our subjects for next year. Well the three subjects I WANTED to do were music, Japanese and drama, but they were ALL on the same line. Luckily they moved Japanese, but that still meant I had to choose between drama and music. I obviously chose music coz I wanna be a music teacher. But the day after the information night, the day after Mr F had given me and my dad a lecture about how talented and gifted I am and how much I would benefit from choosing music, I was walking along with him and we were talking about the subject selections, and I said, 'I don't think I'm going to choose music...'
He stopped walking, turned to me and said, 'What!?' in utter disbelief (lol :D). I said that I wanted to 'broaden my horizons' or something and then he said, 'No, you're gonna make me cry, Chloe! I don't believe you.' He insisted it was a joke, and he kept bringing it up and teasing me. I realized that if I was really not choosing music, I would've gotten mad at him for constantly teasing me about it, so I did lol. One day in music, he was marking the roll, and he purposely didn't say my name. I said, 'Um sir, you forgot me?' and he looked around, confused, as a joke to pretend I wasn't there. I stood up, got my things and went to his desk where all of the theory booklets were. I must've had an angry look on my face, coz everyone was like, 'Oh, you've done it now, sir.' lol.
I picked up my booklet and said, 'I'm doing my theory outside.'
He then said, 'Chloe, come on, sit down.' I threw my book down, and stormed back to my seat and started getting angry. I was going all out on this performance! Lol.
'I've told you over and over to leave me alone about the whole subject selection thing, but no, you think it's just some big joke!'.
Everyone was like, 'What's going on?'
Mr F said, 'Chloe told me that she's not doing music next year, and I assumed that it was a joke,' he turned to me and said, 'and I realize now that it's not.' Lol my little rant worked! Haha he was really sorry after, and I apologized too, and yeah.

But after awhile, the teasing started again.

My name was on his class list for next year, but I told him that it was just a mix up because I 'changed my mind at one point, but I changed it back again'. One day, he said that he talked to Mr C (who organises all the subject selection stuff) about the mix up. I was okay with that, because Mr C was in on the prank. I just went along with it, and said that I had already talked to him about it. But it turns out, Mr F was lying. He never talked to Mr C. That meant he still didn't believe me. UGH.
I then got my friend involved, and she went to talk to him about me not choosing music.

Then all hell broke loose.

I should've expected it, I guess. I mean, his whole career is based on trying to get people like me to choose music. I just didn't expect him to get THIS mad at me. I can easily tell when he's only pretending to be serious, and when he really is mad. Before my friend talked to him, he was only pretending. Now he was seriously mad. This was a good and bad thing; good because that meant that he believed me now, and bad, just for the fact that hes angry. If it's one thing I learnt from doing this prank, it's this:

The end of the year (a stressful time for Mr F) + Mr F's "star student" not choosing music = DEATH!!!!

I was going to wait until next year to tell him that I was actually doing music, but he was so mad, it would be plain cruel to leave it for the whole summer. So, after the awards ceremony, I told him.

HE FLIPPED OUT! (In a good way)

It was so funny, nothing can compare to the sense of satisfaction I feel right now! EVIL HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! Okay now I'm just being weird lol. For the first minute, he was in denial, saying, "No you didn't, you didn't!", but laughing at the same time. Then he blocked his ears, shaking his head in shame and walked away. And then I was like, "Payback is a b-yatch!".

There's a lot more things I could say, especiallly about the whole thing with him getting mad, but I can't be bothered and this thing is already really long haha. If you want to find out more about what he said when he was mad, just let me know.

Thanks for reading! Xx
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Dec 11, 2012