Right When I Get A Boyfriend, And Think I'm Over... Him...

It's been quite a while since I last posted on here so...
**Back Story**
~My younger cousin, A, and I got into a huge fight over Mr. H, our Latin teacher, last summer because she tried telling him a bunch of fake, bad stuff about me to him to try and make him like her instead of me. I just recently found out she also told him I liked him too. I'm a Junior this year and she is a Sophomore. Ever since she had been telling him these things he became more and more distant with me. This went on all of last year. The last day of last year we watched movies and played games in his room because less than ten people came to school. A. was on some choir field trip. My best friend B. and I stayed in Mr. H's room and there was only two other guys and one other girl who stayed in the room and they ended up leaving during the middle of the day. Mr. H. was in and out of the room all day but when he was in with us we threw pop-its at him. It was hilarious. He even picked one up and threw it back. At the end of the day I lost a pack of cards I brought with me and B. left early so I was looking for them alone when Mr. H stayed behind to help me look for them. He looked everywhere! It was so nice. I finally found them under a table and thanked him for helping. He said bye to me at least three times awkwardly. We locked eyes a few times before I left and that made my summer.

A. and I have the same Latin class this year but I'm not worried about her. Mr. H and I started to talk again throughout this year and we are beginning to get as close as we were before she tried to ruin everything. Mr. H started smiling at me in the hall again just like he did in the past two years. I ended up trying just to give up hope and dismiss all the looks and smiles as just being friendly throughout this whole first semester.~
**End Back Story**

I missed the last day of school on Dec. 19. which was also the day of my Latin Exam because I was going out of town to Celebrate Christmas. I didn't want to miss but my Dad insisted on me going with him. I had a good break but I still caught myself thinking of Mr. H every now and then. On New Years I went out of state with my mom to celebrate with her boyfriend's family and friends and ended up getting my own boyfriend! He is a very nice guy and I love being with him but it is very long distance.

As soon as I got back to school the next Thursday, I got a note for being absent and ended up losing it second period. My third period teacher didn't miss it but as soon as I walked through the door of Mr. H's room I hear him say playfully from behind me,

"M! You missed the exam!!"

I turned around and saw him standing there at the door, as good looking as ever, staring into my eyes, not breaking contact at all.

"I know I missed the exam! I had to go out of town." I said, as I walked to my seat.

"You know you can't make it up without a doctors note..." He said, still looking at me.

"I know..." I told him and walked to my seat. The rest of the day went by quite normally, something different was that he stayed outside of his room after almost every period like he used to and stared at me in the hall, smiling at me every time I looked at him. I felt the butterflies begin to grow in my stomach that I hadn't felt in so long for him.

At the end of the day I went to my locker and got my Latin binder and purse and saw Mr. H out of the corner of my eye come out of his room, look over at me and lean against the wall by his door. I shut my locker and walked down the hall towards him to go downstairs and I suddenly hear him say "Hey M?"

I look over and saw him staring me in the eyes again.

"Hey! Yeah?" I said, fumbling over my words. His eyes were so intense, and so easy to get lost in. He had never looked me in the eyes like this before. He straightened up from the wall and leaned towards me.

"Did you have a doctors note for today? Or maybe a parent note?" He said, leaning closer.

"No I didn't have a doctors note, I'll bring a parent note tomorrow if that's okay?" I said back, heart fluttering.

"Oh okay just checking. Because I'm really not supposed to let anyone take the exam if they've missed without a doctors note but..... if you can bring me a parent note I'll let you stay after school and make it up."

"Oh thank you so much Mr H! I'll have one tomorrow then." I said smiling

"Okay, alright then." He said awkwardly and stepped back.

"Okay, Bye Mr H!"

"Bye!" He said. I turned and walked down the hall to the stairwell and glanced back at him. He was staring directly at me and his eyes followed me as I went through the door and all the feelings I had for him before rushed back to me.

What do I do? Do I stay loyal to my boyfriend who lives 500 miles away from me and who I barely know anything about at all or do I break it off and try again with Mr. H? I'm not really attracted to my boyfriend but my attraction for Mr. H drives me crazy.

Please comment and give me your honest opinion because I really don't know what to do. : /
As always thanks for reading.

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??? You know what to do. Got to follow your instincts.