Awkward Update

Not an exciting update as I haven't seen Mr D since we broke up for Christmas but basically this is what happened today.

I walked into Mr D's room, before I could open my mouth he said 'oh hey (myname) I'm so sorry I cant sit and chat with you today as much as I'd love too I can't I'm so sorry' I just stood there trying to think of why I came up so I just said 'oh don't worry about it sir. I understand I just wanted to see how you are' luckily it worked and he said 'I've been fine thanks, how've you been?' I said I was fine and left. I felt so awkward haha

I was half way down the stairs and I heard him shout my name 'Listen I'm so sorry, you know how much I want to speak to you and I know its coming up to the anniversary of your Grandads death but I'm just up to my eyeballs in paper work' I could see in his eyes that he truly was sorry, 'don't apologize for doing your job sir, I did want to talk to you about Grandad but I'll just come back when you're not as busy' he just smiled and said 'thanks for understanding' and walked up the stairs.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

:( I'm sorry, but the fact that he's genuinely sorry and wants to talk to you says a lot

Yeah I guess :/

Are you okay?

Yeah I'm alright I was a bit upset but hey if he's busy he's busy it's his job