Why The Hell Did I Mess Up?

I Fu*ked up SO badly today!
I was Tryna impress my teacher but I failed :'(
Next time I'll just shut up. She probably thinks I'm a freak or something, and I can't forgive myself! WHY WHY WHY COULDNT I JUST ACT NORMAL!,agh fml.
You know what! I **** up everything. I'm a damn failiure!

strongwarrior strongwarrior
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Lol just be yourself. She doesn't want people to be someone they are not. She wAnts to be with the real you. don't worry you will be okay. Give this sometime okay. :)

Thank you so much :) that was really supportive x

What did you say?

I was just so awkward, you know? I wouldn't talk to her, and I just like, stayed quiet. She was Tryna talk to me but like I didn't know what to say to her. I always do this. I'm SUCH a FAILIURE at everything.

trust me that happens to everyone sometimes, it happened to me just last week but if she REALLY cares about you she knows it was just a fluke not you being a failure(:

Awwhh thanks :/ sucks, I just really love her... I hate messing up with her.
But thank you! I hope she does x

what happened?

Read my above comment/reply :(