Taking More Classes With Him On Purpose, Stalkerish?

So I was looking at my class requirements (I'm a first semester senior next year say what????) and I of course looked to see if my professor was teaching any classes I need. So it turns out he may just teach about 2 of the classes I need to take! I've already now had him for 3 classes during 3 semesters (a year and a half). So I'm wondering would it be weird to take more classes with him? With our "relationship" (we are pretty darn close! I haven't seen him this close with any other students) my excuse/the truth would simply be I know him, his teaching style, and I'm just comfortable with him as my teacher. I'm just wondering if it would be stalkerish for me to do this...
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

yes do it. i would. its not bad :P so exciting for you! keep us updated on how things go with him. :)

ok I'll ask him if he is teaching more classes I have to take, just to make him aware of what I want(:

I think you have perfectly valid reasons for taking classes from him. However, seeing someone frequently with whom I reciprocated feelings and not being able to build the relationship would be frustrating for me. If you can handle it - and it seems like you can - I'd say go for it!

well the relationship I want with us is friendship (which is what it looks like we're are headed toward when I graduate) so I think I can handle it(: hopefully at least lol