Mr D, Mr W And Mr C...

Okay so you guys obviously know Mr D ;) but my art teacher Mr W and my science teacher Mr C have come into the picture...

I've been close/flirting with Mr W for about a year now and he flirts back and its great not gonna lie haha but he's been flirting with me more recently and drop me out he is fuckingg gorgeous! Mr C yeah he's fit and we are close but i see him more as an older brother but we've got flanter going on for a few months now.

Mr W:

Well Mr W is quite a flirty person but I only flirt with him a minimal level because he is married with a son. I know I shouldn't be flirting with him altogether but I just can't help it! Today for example I saw him in the music room and he was sat up and gave me a wink but, when I next saw him he lend back and just gave me flirty smile so I just smiled back sticking my tongue out a little. Next time I saw him I was with my friends and we walked past each other and we gave each other what I call the 'sex look' and my friend turned round and said '(myname) drop me out! Mr W was totally checking you out!' I turned round and said 'Don't talk bullshitt!' The other time I saw him I was going down the stairs as he was going up them and he purposely put his hand over mine on the banister and gave me a wink. Long story short we've been flirting for ages and we occasionally check each other out ;)

Mr C:

Mr C has been my teacher since year 10 and we flirted a little bit then but now we always flirt in lessons. Like Mr W he is a flirty person but he recently got married so I tend not to go full on with him either. We've recently became close since Grandad died and I see him more as a brother. Today I had my science exam and in lesson we came over to my table and started to chat about the exam. My friend Lucy noticed that he was flirting with me putting his hand on my arm and shoulder, when he left he put both arms round me like a hug if you like and said 'Sorry i missed the anniversary of your Grandads death hope you are okay' and patted me on the shoulders. I just smiled and my friend Lucy said 'Drop me out! he was blates flirting with you! You secret slag ;)' i just replied 'Shut up!' He also does other things in lessons like taking the pisss out of me hitting me on the head with some paper cause I've been swearing but to be honest its just a bit of bants.

Mr D:

We had a lovely snowball fight today and yesterday and just joking around and flirting. He is still my main 'love interest' if you like, and he always will be. He is the only teacher I love. He is also coming to watch me play football on Sunday for my cup game and its my debut or however you spell it, he is so cute :')

Sorry for the long update, thanks for reading :)
ilovemyenglishteacher ilovemyenglishteacher
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013