what i'm feeling is so wrong in so many ways. He's my history teacher, he's older than my dad, he has kids, and a wife. But I just can't help it... I look forward to seeing him everyday, I miss him when i'm not in class & he's on my mind all the time. Not only am I attracted to him for his hot bod & gorgeous smile, he's soooo funny. I love the way he thinks so highly of me, it really makes me happy when he compliments me on being so "wise" and "intelligent" I always try my best just to impress him. I look up to him & admire him as a person. I love his dorky laugh and the crinkles by his eyes when he smiles. He hates his big ears but I think they're cute. I admire his joy for nature, traveling, and the beach. If only I were born 25 years sooner.....
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I promise you darling there are others in your age group too, and plenty! The best thing to do is try your best in school for high grades and stay out of trouble with teacher-student relationships. They don't end well. :(

.......This is a crush that would pass,
If this guy encourages anything further,
Have him reported to the authorities ASAP,
He must be an old time predator of young girls flirting with you and giving you false hopes like this,
He should know better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you too!!!!!!
Stop dwelling on impossible fantasies that will never come true,
And will only hurt you when acted upon!
Do you want to get damaged by falling for this guy's false charm?
Wake up, this is a fake fling that won't last long IN HIS HEAD!
He is just playing with you using you to stroke his ego for the time being until a next young thing comes around.