I Am So In Love With Him

hes a new teacher at my school and im truley in love with him . it aint just a crush because everytime he speaks to me all my muscles tense up and i cant get my words out. ii realy dont know what to do because im soo in love with him . i miss him soo much at weekends and in the hoildays ii get soo upset because i need to see him .  every lunchtime if he is teaching and just stand outside his class and stare into it . also i gettiing in trouble so can go and see him .   im soo in love with him

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

same here during weekends i really want to see him

Same here.. over the weekends i get sooo depressed. My parents are always like what is wrong with you.. I HATE WEEKENDS!! and if there is a sub i die the whole day...