I Am In Love With My Married Teacher !

It all started my freshman year of high school when I got "Scotty" as a teacher. He is now 38 and I am 16, almost 17. He isn't attractive to barely anyone, except me. I never really thought he was at first either, actually looked at him quiet discusted...but then he grew on me. He is a big flirt and every time he would flirt I would get pulled in deeper. He has a full head of amazing black hair, not too short but not really long and he parts it on the same side I do, the left. Well, he is a bit overweight. Everyone calls him like "fat ***" " beast" " Huge old man" stupid stuff...well, he is liked by almost everyone since he is the coach to two sports and acts like a big kid. Well he used to lead me on all the time and even had me thinkgin for a bit that he had feelings for me as well... but everyone sais that that wouldn't happen because he is married and has 4 daughters...well , hes never home and seems like maybe he doesnt have a good home life.. Maybe they arent in love anymore... I dont know, I wish they werent... that sounds horrible but I do LOVE him and that woul dbe amazig if he tured out to be single and when I told him I loved him  ( PLanned on doing it the last day of school my senior year) maybe hed be lik oh my god lets hang out. or yea... but anyway... as sortof a joke, my friends gave him a valetines day cad that said I loved him n stuff and sighned me name an dh ekinda freaked out...he gave it to the school couceler and said it made him feel uncomfortable...well, i said I had no idea who did it ad ever saw it bfore so i said I would apologize to him , but I still havent. He knows i have a thing for him, its way too odvious. But i cathc him staring at me sumtimes...like when Im with a boyfriend or stomhign... I always glance at him, alot.. and sometimes hes looking at me when I look at him..ad he hurry and turns away. I dont know what is goin gon inside his head but I just wish I could knnow if 21 1/2 years age diff could work out, in like 5 years ocne I'm a little older .... I LOVE HIM.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Ouch....I'm in the same situation. Exept he likes me but he's married so that a hell<br />
nono which hurts cause I Love him

wow girl, that really sucks look take this advice it might work wear a thong, bend over alot around him, smile, be cool, man i have problems too, okay i need help who ever read this, maybe im just analizing a ittle too much bt idkay, okay im 15 and i like this sexy *** ecurity guard in my high school hes like in his mid 30s or begining 40s, and yes i do have this thing for older married me bt any who i know its bad bla bla bla, okay i wanna know if he likes me or nt. hes currently married and has kids, but i always catch him staring at me, okay and i know he called everyone mija but it gets to me!!! *** okay then i look at him and he smiles he soooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay theres this thing we have thats like detention bt u have to do stuff they tell u to well hes the one that supervises that and i have it and i said my age limit was 57 and he goo mmmhh too bad im 58 hahahahah andi was like no ur not!! but idkay wut do u guys think???????

Yeah?? I wanted to bang my accountancy teacher.<br />
(why do i feel a little embarrassed about it now?)