Mr. C Part 3

Today was the first day of school. In class we made something about us with playdough and I made a pair of glasses and what I said about it was, "I have glasses on my face now (great intro) and if I look down without them on my feet are blurry" and Mr. C said, "I have glasses too, I'm just not wearing them right now." I continued, "And there is the stereotype that people with glasses are nerds, and I do not help to prove that wrong." And he said, "Well there is nothing wrong with being a geek/nerd, I'm one myself. I'll be the first to admit that. *gestures to me* We can fight the stereotype together...or prove...fight, prove, fight, prove, I don't know, something like that." Then he was going through names and he went to me and he said my sister's name, I corrected him but he got it right every other time. Then at the end of class I told him a lot of people call me by my sister's name and he said, "I didn't even have her, I guess I heard the name and I stuck. I'm getting rid of the name wright now. Just (my name). So (my name), does anyone ever call you 'Mel'?" "Nope just (my name)" "Only (my name), okay, (my name)."
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Okay, your name.