Not In Love With Him...i Just Love Him Xd

The first time i ever had him as a teacher i was 13 and he was 49 (though i thought he was younger). The more time i spent with him, the more i was developing a crush. He is really amazing; funny, intelligent, pretty good looking, understanding, awesome to have a conversation with and all round t.he best guy i have ever met..I can trust him with anything. A few years ago (and still am) i was battling an eating disorder. He was the first person i told and i managed to convince him not to tell anyone although he said he would if my condition deteriorated. but he was there for me through thick and thin and always liten to what i have to say. Until my condition actually did deteriorate and he said we have to do something..i wanted help but the last thing i wanted was for my parents to find out. so he took me to the doctor' everyweek and helped me deal with my issues. Evenetually my parents did find out and i have to see multiple different specialists for it. But he has helped me more than anyone else has. More than all the doctors. He is my rock. My hero and i am forever greatful for that. He even saved my life a few times.

And now after meeting him 3 years ago, i have come to realise that i don't have a crush on him...i LOVE him. No, not in a sexual bf/gf way but i love him like a best friends. He IS one of my best friends and still is helping me to ths day. We are so close and i dont think i could handle losing his friendship when i leave school!

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

If he's real friend I'm sure you won't loose him, you might even get a become better friends when you leave?