I Love Her

Okay so here my story. I am a 15 year old girl who is madly in love with her history teacher who is 30. I love everything about her, her eyes which are a beautiful blue-green, i love her little freckles on her nose, her smile which is kinda awkward but it makes you want to smile. She is an amazing teacher. She is very passionate about what she teachers.

When i first walked in her class is was like wow she beautiful. When she started to talk she was so funny. She one of those teacher that cares about her students. After a week i couldn't stop thinking about her. I would try and find ways that i could talk to her. I would ask for help even though I new what to do. When we talk to each other i find that she is a close talker, our faces almost touch. Also when she talk to me she is always rubbing my shoulder or grabbing my arm. She gives me these signs like she loves me too. But then i see her go talk to someone else, less flirty but still i get jealous. When I talk to her i get butterflies in my stomach. Even wheni  make eye contact i ahve to look away because i feel that if i stare at her for too long she might htink i'm weird or somthing.

I want to tell her how i feel but i am afaird of what she would say. Somone please help. What should i do? HELP PLEASE!!

Email: hockey3355@yahoo.ca or just comment :) PLease

hockeygirlxx hockeygirlxx
Mar 18, 2009