I Have a Mega Crush On My English Teacher!

im soooooo in love with my English teacher! shes so sweet, and very preety and me and her always get on really well....but sometimes i wonder if she knows that it sometimes seems as if shes flirting with me. on top of all this problem...it really really doesnt help im a girl! IM A GIRL WHO LIKES A GIRL TEACHER

im 17, nearly 18, shes only 25. not that big of an age gap i guess :P but anyway, i really like her loads...i always think about her! AND ITS SO ODD BECAUSE IM NOT GAY AND I DONT THINK IM BI? im seeing a guy but for someone reason i always think of her and have started to fancy her. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!

nina :) xox

Aichan Aichan
Mar 21, 2009