I Love My Science Teacher to Death!

Well actually he isn't My teacher, he teaches year 8 and i'm in year 7 and soon i will go to year 8 and MEET him i mean be his STUDENT! i have already met him. And here is how we met. First i was the top student in my school and they sticked my paper that had my grades in it on the walls and there was a paper beside the teacher's room that i'm in love with and then he read it and he was surprised. I actually didn't care a bit about my grades, because i was depressed back then ( when i didn't meet the teacher ). After that he read my name in the paper and heard my friend calling me then he knew that it was me, so he went to talk to me about my grades and he said,"Wow you are very smart, do you know how you got these great grades?" Then i felt that he was stupid, because of his stupid question, so i answered, "Well i don't know. By my brain?" Then i actually started to dislike him, because he never left me alone, he always says hello to me and have some conversations. Then i felt bad, because i was being mean to him by ignoring him and trying to avoid him everytime, so i tried to just joke with him and talk and then i saw his smile and his laugh and it made my heart melt, i haven't had this feeling in my LIFE. His eyes makes me smile even if i was in a VERYYYY BAD MOOD. I finally realized that he is handsome and cool. He knew all my favourite songs and bands and he had a great personality, he respected me and made me a better person, he changed me from an emo to a happy kid. I love him with all my heart. We started to be best friends and we shared our secrets and gossiped and we laughed when one of us tells a joke till our eyes get full of happy tears. I love him so much i wish he could feel the same way too. I could die for him , i would do ANYTHING to hear him say to me, "I love you", because i do and i wish i didn't, because it is now making me fall in love with him and that's illegel and i might get him fired. Help i don't know what to do! I love him more than ANYTHING in the world! :(

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I know how you feel im in year 9 adn my triple science teacher is just perfect but its best that you dont say anything to him about you loving him it makes student teacher relationships very awkward

hi i am in year 8 and i am also in love with my science teacher he is perfect ans stuff but you should confess, I know i know what if he doesn t like me right but you are going to regret it forever if you don t! i am going to tell my sceince teacher t the endd of the year!

My friend's advice is to go to another school. Problem sloved.