Love Or Just a Crush...

OK.. I have to make this fast (I have to go to school in 30 minutes...^^").

So. As background information, I think it might be useful for you guys to know that when I got my timetable at the end of last year, I was pretty happy because I got one of the best math teachers (let's call him Mr. D) in the school. What I didn't know was that someone else (and let's call him Mr. L) was going to replace him during my semester. Someone more radiant. More passionate about the students.

When I first heard that Mr. D won't be teaching during my semester...I was pretty pissed off. But as soon as Mr. L walked into the room...I don't know. The atmosphere just completely felt different. On the first day, I didn't feel anything. He was just another teacher. But the next day, he didn't come to class! Neither did he on the third day. He only came when we told the office to call for him. Maybe he forgot...? Anyways, by then, every good memory I had of him was erased. In my mind, he was just this careless teacher that didn't care about us at all. So for the next few days, he was in my "Bad Teachers" list.

But soon enough, that opinion changed again.

When he actually started TEACHING, everything that I originally thought about him has changed. He turned out to be very patient, loving, intelligent, and always supported us when we needed a helping hand. Soon, I discovered more things about him that appealed even more to me: he is a coach on the school badminton team (if you've read my other would know why :] ), he's teaching grade 12 functions (I think that makes him... smart), and best of all, he reminded me of my favorite actor(NPH, for those of you that know)!

Everything about him is adorable. The way he talks...walks...writes on the chalkboard...or even when he's just plain standing. Oops. I forgot to mention...He is single (no ring ;D) and I'm guessing he's about 10 years older than me. But sometimes, I can be too obvious. Every since Middle School, I have been VERY obvious with the people I like. So every time I see him, I blush and I start smiling for no reason (according to my friend, the observer)...I haven't realized it until now, but until one of my friends told me, every time I walk into the room, his face just goes 'Oh. She's here again.' I don't know if she's just exaggerating, but now, I do notice it more often. (Oh no! What if he knows D:)

Sometimes, when he's teaching, and when he glances my way (May I remind you that his eyes are HUGE. Not abnormal creepy huge...adorable um.. big, shiny huge), I feel like his eyes are weighing me down and I look away. If he does know, he's not showing it much. But in a way...I kind of do feel sorry for him. If he does know that I "Like" him, then it should be pretty awkward for him to be around me...But he's still a teacher. If I have a question, no matter what he thinks, he still have to respond. It's his responsibility.

Once, I posted this on another question/answer server...and they said that it's inappropirate. I know that already. But what should I do?

So guys....what do you think?

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2 Responses Mar 31, 2009

Aw thank you Isabellesheart ^-^<br />
That is very true... I will continue to like him (I guess.. xD) and admire from the class. One good thing about liking a teacher is that even if you stare at them for the entire class, it's normal! (Hehe.. :D)<br />
Anyway, thanks :] It feels good to know that someone supports me ^^

This is the cutest thing EVER i simply adore it :P <br />
I don't think you can help likeing him. I mean no one can stop liking someone on command.