Now im 18 years old and i can't get over my first love for a teacher. I remember the first day i saw him he went into my other math teachers room to borrow a dvd player. I looked up from my work and said to myself hes hot. At first I tought it was going to be a short crush and the next thing i know i have him as a teacher for a class. So I start likeing him more and more. Next thing i know 7th grade ends. I remember being sad the whole summer and hoping ill get him again for 8th. my prayers were answered and i did. The thing i loved about him was he liked everything i liked and he made me feel all happy inside when i seen him. That year i talk to him more and i bought him something for his birthday. When class would end i would talk to him for awhile and id be late for my other class. The nightmare comes and eigth grade ends. I start high school and i hardly see him. Then the worst day of my life comes and the middle school fired him:( and i didn't even say good bye 2 him. I remember the last time i went to visit him he was reading a book and had his glasses on. But now im 18 and a senior in high school and missing him. i recently found him on a website but found out he has 2 kids But hes not married and im really devoted to finding him

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i know how you feel ive not seen the teacher i love sinve i was 12 and i just cant get over him. im 25 now. i would love to track him down as he left the school and moved away. i never told him how i felt but he knew, he had to have known by the amount of times he caught me staring at him when i was supposed to be doing my maths work

I doubt he has 2 kids, contact him on that website , tell him how you feel , bcoz you are now 18 , meaning you are grown. Plus , any relationship with you would be legal , so go for it !