I Love My Teacher

ok so im in highschool and I just met this year my french teacher and he is so perfect i cant even explain on the computer and when i try to when im just talking my words get mixed up and my heart starts to race. I really need support from people who understand me.
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I understand you... I've fallen in love with my professor too... What's going on with you two?

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You all need to remember they are your teachers. Sadly they can not love you even when you love them and to be safe you need to keep those feelings in your mind. True fact no person I was at school with or any of the teachers ever knew of my feelings for the PE teacher.

Same situation its huge and everyone who i talk to says its wrong but i just want to tell him and dont know how and he might get in trouble this happened to me twice i fell for 2 teachers over one because i met my current one just cherish the moments with him that what i do. people think its clearly a problem if you like/love your teacher but to u its a gift

Been there done that. It was my PE teacher and I left school 20 years ago but if I see him in the street I still get that oh its him and feel happy to see him.

I can totally relate to you. I'm still in love with my Maths teacher from high school. But I can't have him. He is going to marry someone else this November! T-T

shes left now though, only 2 days ago.

I know exactly how you feel. My friends do not understand and it's nice to know a lot of other people are feeling the same way I am.

Me too. She is leaving after this year and i cant do anything. Great to experience love and also horrid to aswell.

Im in the same position! i love my welsh teacher! but whats weird is that im female..and so is she! :/

Im in the same position! i love my welsh teacher! but whats weird is that im female..and so is she! :/

This is amazing ! i am actually in love with my spanish teacher .... feel free to email me , we can chat and share deas !

i am in the same situation i iove my maths teacher who taught me in class 7 but i realised after passing 7

You can talk to me if you want. I know a LOT about the subject... -.-<br />
Feel free, I'm a great listener. <3

i really understand how you feel i am still feeling like that even though ive not seen him in 13 yrs nearly 14 so i really understand how you are feeling i wish i could stop feeling like this but cant.

some now i love geogrphy..... :(

Trust me you're not alone, i reckon its because they are these male figures who are in our lives 5 days a week and they have a big impact in our lives, its normal in my eyes anyway:)

i know how you feel, im head over heels for my english teacher

I can understand you.<br />
I'm going to university and i love my computer teacher.I'm 20 years old and he is 38!!!:(He only came in second class and now i'm in fourth class.<br />
I'm so confused.

Im in the same position =( Its horrid.

Same here ecept it my P.E. teacher. I know how you feel.

It was my PE teacher 20 years ago and I still remember that feeling if he talked to me.

Hey, if you want support and understanding IM me: jashie0892@hotmail.com<br />
i was/am in exactly the same position as you and its so hard to find people who know what your on about! yeah i promise im not a scary old man, im just a 15 year old who loves her teacher and is a very good listener :)