My Friends Moms' Thong!

so i usually just buy thongs off the internet, but i was at my friends house and saw his mom VS purple lace thong sitting in her laundry basket. His mom is 35 and a complete MILF! I love wearing thongs and I saw it sitting there and couldnt resist. It is a medium sized purple with lace and tiny ribbons. I feel bad taking his moms hot little thong but i will love it more anyways. She is a complete babe and im sure she has like 50+ more in their house, she wont miss this one, it even looks kinda old. I love wearing this thong, knowing she used to have the same little string around her, it makes it all the better knowing it was hers, and well used. 

His mom has plenty more im sure, and maybe next time i will get one from his sisters room. i love the rush of taking other peoples thongs, does this make me a bad person? I LOVE THIS THONG THOUGH! maybe i will upload a pic, check out my other stories!
dudeman5 dudeman5
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I have the same love for pantie theft.