My Daughter Has Had 2 Saints

They were wonderful.  Myrtle was so protective and so was Luke.  I'm a dog person - love all of them and know why they were named dog - that's god spelled backwards.  What unconditional love they give us.  I have two bassett hounds right now. 
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2 Responses May 19, 2007

My 82 year old friend and I had our own dog rescue facility. He died last September leaving 2 dogs who are still living at his house. There are tenants there who take care of them. I oversee all of it. We rescued a German Shepherd who had 13 pups in my computer room - now that was an adventure! Bassett hounds are great dogs if you like to nap. Mine come and get me and I know they want me to take a nap. I can't let them run loose here because the coyotes ganged up on them and slashed Cleo's back. They are two females about 5 years old - Cleo and Dixie. Characters for sure. Huckleberry is a great name - = =

You are a delight. Yes, God spelled backwards. My Saints have filled my empty nest since my youngest son left home. I mean fill quite literally. Sassy my oldest at 3 and the only female is 195 lbs. Lost her girlish figure when she started to bulk out at 2 years.<br />
Love Basset Hounds! I took one of the boys to be groomed, he promptly got thrown out for fear of water, and there were a pair of older Bassets that were having a gay old time terrifying my big boy Huckleberry. He's just a year and didn't know what to make of these guys. I was rather embarrassed but they sure were cute and quite the sweethearts.