Day 4 (:

On my 16th birthday I got my tongue pierced, I have the video and daily updates on YouTube :

It didn't hurt that much I could feel it going threw the middle part of my tongue the most though. And the most painful part was sliding out the plastic piece for the barbell to go in.

Day 1: It was numb and has a slight green/brown tinge to it.
Day 2: Same thing, a bit swollen around the actual piercing.
Day 3: Got a bit worried about the colour so went and seen my piercer and it's just some bruising (:
Day 4: Talked to my piercer and hopefully getting the bar changed earlier as this bar is too long and causing the hold to move back on the top of my tongue because when I have to close my mouth I can't properly unless I slant my piercing. If I let it keep slanting the hole will just get too long and I won't be able to replace it with something smaller.
I still have to do a vlog for today so I shall keep you posted! (:

This is piercing # 16 .
I have had over 25 piercings (:
ModifiedMamaofTwo ModifiedMamaofTwo
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012