Last year I bought a toy poodle named Bandit.  As soon as my son saw it, he said "You bought me a puppy!"  So it's now my son's dog and he renamed him Blackie.  Blackie  is so cute and so soft and very smart.  He loves to play fetch, especially with his favorite ball.  He's a real lovebug.

My mom has a miniature poodle, named Peanut.  Peanut was supposed to be a toy size, but he just kept growing.  He is apricot in color and we fell in love with him right away...which is why I wanted a poodle for myself!

Perhaps some day I will get another one, but we have 2 dogs at present.  I would love to get a female red colored one and name it Lucy.  I would also love to adopt from a shelter or rescue so when the day comes to adopt we shall see who and what is available!

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Teacup is not a recognized breed by AKC. I hear a lot of them have health issues.

hmmm a teacup...and swiftly moving on....he is sooo cute

my dads got a teacup that looks like him.