Maybe I'm Odd But...

It's a white '04 Dakota, as basic white and unassuming as ever, but I love my truck heart and soul with everything I have.  I'm actually compelled to tell it 'I love you, baby.'  I greet it with good morning, good night, see you, and I even thank it, because I feel like it deserves it for putting up with me, even though I don't mistreat it in anyway.  It is beautiful to me and I love it so much.

filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
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3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Sounds a lot like mine! I have a Dakota too, but he's an '88, and he's red and silver. His name's Ace. He gets horrible gas mileage, but I do love him. I've put him through lots of crap unintentionally, but he's still holding up great after 20 years! I encourage him and give him pats on the back if he ever does something really good.<br />
<br />
Ace is my homeboy.

haha yeah it does a lot more than that. It's a great truck.

At least it gets you from point A to B.