I met my husband when I was 13 and he was 23. His wife had passed and he needed someone to watch his two daughters when he was on the road. I would either watch them at his house after school or we'd bring them over to moms overnight when he was gone.

I had feelings for him right from the start but thought it was an unreachable goal. Mom told me it was just teen infatuation. It didn't stop me from my 13 yr old attempts at flirting though even though he hardly ever acknowledged it, and back then I wasn't probably very good at flirting anyways.

When I was 14 even though I had a bf at the time, I still thought my future husband was the hottest cutest guy in the world. One evening he got home from a long trip and he asked me if I'd mind making him a drink..double scotch on the rocks. Which I did and I asked if I could make one for myself which he said sure. I had had drinks before at home with mom so he knew I drank. One drink led to two and then he said it was too bad he was too old for me because I looked so cute hahaha. The scotch had made me braver and I put my hand on his and he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. And then another kiss on the mouth. And then he took my hand and led me to his room. The rest is the most amazing night I could have ever imagined.

Over the next month we would have our little get togethers when he would come home and when I turned 15 I spilled it all to my mom. He pressured me to tell her since he was worried about our difference in ages and I finally sat mom down and told her everything that had been going on. Surprisingly she didn't freak out and all she cared about was do we love each other or is it just teen lust. After a long long talk mom realized that I did care for him with all my heart and then she sat him down and discovered he cared for me too.

On my 16th birthday he asked mom if we could get married. He wanted to make it official and mom said yes!! Mom signed for us and we got married that summer and I was now officially a mom of two wonderful girls.

Now 6 years later we have an absolutely incredible relationship and a fabulous family. Most people criticized our relationship at first and our marriage but now those same people know what a wonderful partnership we have and we are still totally in love.

Sure he's older and now he's 32 and I'm 22 but I wouldn't change my life for the world. And this summer I ended up with my GED which is something I promised Mom I would do if she allowed us to get married. So be careful when you say that young marriages don't work. I know some don't but in my case it has been the biggest blessing of my life.
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My bf is 24 and I'm 15. We've been dating for 3 1/2 years. We are going through a rough patch but I hope we can work it out because this story is very moving. I don't understand the hate you got because I GET ALOT but, at the end of the day I love him and he loves me :)

My mom's sister has been taking care of me when my mom died of an accident I was only a 4 yr kid. She was then 16. Most of the days I was in my grandparent's home. Dad married her and I loved she was my step mom.

Hopefully, your story will give some of the more judgmental people something to think about. Young people are not static beings waiting to turn 18 before they have emotions and relationships and shouldn't be treated as such. I hope things continue to go well for all of you!

If my daughter did that I would totally freak. But you sound really happy and content so well done. It just reminded me I shouldn't judge other people. Thank you.

Good, at least u wasn't running around and getting heart broken, I'm happy for you, thank God you had good mom!!! God bless you

What a beautiful story!

Yay!!!!! For ALL if you.

Wild story, happy ending. Thts good.

Some people really do meet the right one early. I'm glad things are working out well for you.

That's one hell of a story, glad it all worked out for you in the end. I used to work at a truck wash maybe I've washed his truck before lol

While i was an adult when I met my husband he was nearly 10 years older than me. In time the age difference becomes smaller till it doesn't even seem like one.

At first I would think about our age difference if we were out with his friends or if I was out with the kids but now we don't even think about it.

I found very few of my husbands were rude about my age. The couple who were I handled well enough.