Am I The False Twin Flame?

I am not sure what a twin flame is, but I thought I had found mine. We met 10 and half years ago. It was magical and scary at the same time. We connected instantly, but we were both married. I did my best to avoid him, but for a year and a half we kept running into each other physically every few months. Also I would see him out and about, and I would have vivid dreams about him. It was as if we had known each other our whole lives.When we would see each other our conversations would be short and sweet, but they would be so fulfilling.
Then nine years ago my husband and I separated, and within days he and I ran into each other and we talked about our life situations and how he was at the same juncture. He told me he was going to be managing a restaurant that my family frequented often and that I should stop by and see him. I did so without hesitation.
We spent the next three years together and it was incredible. I felt that he really "got me" there were no pretensions, our love was unconditional, it was all consuming, it was bliss. He called me his soul mate. I remember telling him at one point that I loved him before I even met him and he said he felt the same way.
Then my mother became ill and I moved my children and myself an hour away to help her, he was okay with this, because it was suppose to be temporary, and it was only hour. We talked and texted everyday, we spent every weekend together, it wasn't an ideal situation but it was working. My mother passed away October 2007. Instead of running back to him I stayed in my moms house.  So for the past four years we have had a short distance relationship. With him always asking me when was I going to move back in with him. I kept putting him off, and I didn't know why until recently. I was letting my mom's house possess me, it was beautiful with wonderful memories and it was a place he and I could never afford to live in.
So last month he broke it off with me. I always knew in my heart we would part ways, but I also know that we will someday be together again. Or that is at least what  I thought. Then yesterday I learned about twin flames and it explained my whole relationship. Then today I read an article on false twin flames and started thinking maybe I was a false twin flame.This man who I thought was my whole universe, I let go of because I was obsessed with creature comforts.
Days after he broke up I had a tarot card reading, and it pointed that I need to heal myself spiritually, that my karma is out of balance. I did not understand then what it meant but now I do. If we are to ever to be together again on this plain of existence I need to put my spiritual life back in order.
Of course I believe we are twin flames , but I am still questioning whether I am his false twin flame.

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1 Response Jan 26, 2012

I guess we could never know for sure who is real and who is false. I also learnt about twin flame idea recently. I was so thrilled to think that my lover could be my twin flame and our connection could be irrevocable despite so many unbelievable challenges. I was kind of awakened, then a few day laters, I found out the concept of false Twin flame with all the suggestions that I would run away from my lover (currently ex-) at all costs, as he would only consume my positive energy. It was sad since he was the man that I have been wishing to spend life with. However sad, I think it is important that each person should work on his/ her own spiritual development, heal all the wounds inside and get healthy internally in order to sustainably connect with the utmost beloved one. I wish you all the courage and best luck.