My Twin Flame

I believe that I have found my twin flame and it is driving me crazy. We can't be together right now.

We can send feelings to each other, which is a overwhelming experience to say the least. The music and words he writes for me is beautiful, there is so much that I can't really say it all at once. 

The thought of never being together in this lifetime is painful, yet we don't want to hurt anyone.

I feel at a loss here and am wondering why we ever came together in this life as we can't be together.

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God I miss my twin flame I met her in 2010, and at first we didnt really connect with each other but I knew in the back of my mind that there was something special about her, I kept bumping into her all the time without trying and it freaked us both out and before I knew it we were in love. She never told me that she loved me, but I could see it in her eyes and knew by how shy she acted around me that she felt the same way. We got scared by it and tried to hide from each other but the more we tried the more often we bumped into each other, at first when we talked to each other we didnt get on and argued because we were intimidated by it but even then the arguments ended with a smile and a sneaky look deep in each others eyes. I told her how I felt but she told me she was with someone and we couldnt be together, naturaly I was heartbroken but after time I realised that we arent ready to be together yet and I feel we have a lot of work to do on ourselves before we can be together but that doesnt make it any more easy for me. Like other people have said I can feel all her emotions and her sadness she is also heartbroken and I can feel her pain at losing me and I know she can feel mine too and she comforts me when I feel sad or angry. I can feel her soul inside my soul I cant really describe how it feels but people who are going through this will know what I mean I had a lot of dreams about her and still do sometimes good and bad but I dont think il see her again in this life because she has left and moved a long way away from me but I know I will see her again when I die.Another thing id like to say is that since seperating from her time is going really fast and seems to pass me by like the time of seperation is in reality no time at all it gets scary because these past 3 years to me they feel like they have just been a week im not joking it just flys by I get the feeling also that I let her down in a past life and I am fixing what I did in that life also I get the feeling we were opposite genders in that life as I had dreams and visions of being a woman and naturaly being a man I just thought wtf and thought I was going crazy but of course the soul doesnt have a gender so most people will have had lives as the opposite sex so it could well be the truth.

I had never even heard of the concept of Twin Flame until after I met mine. It was a mutual friend who pointed out she thought we were, and at that time I still thought it was farfetched. I knew it was unlike any feeling I had ever had with another person, even long distance. We were friends first, but right from the first connection there was a sense of looking in the mirror, of KNOWING this person like my own self. Unfortunately, or fortunately I suppose seeing as I believe everything happens when it must happen, we are both in previous relationships, to karmic soulmates we still love and don't want to hurt. In trying to keep from hurting others, we are being asked to really grow and learn about ALL aspects of love. Knowing my Twin is blissful, painful, scary, promising, perfect. There is a knowing we will be together again one day. There is such pain in thinking it may not be timely, but the truth is we both have a lot of growing to do separately and neither of us wants the desire to be together to be the cause of hurting people we love and care for. But it is sooo hard staying away. This is the most amazing, frustrating, reassuring, scary thing I have ever felt in my life and I've gone through a LOT in this lifetime!! In the end, it is a beautiful, divine love, absolutely perfect even if our egos are asking for more more more. We will be together when the time is right for us, when we are ready. One thing is certain. Once met, we shall never lose each other. We are connected in such a deep way it continues to astound me. Allways.

And I should also add that this meeting of my Twin has really amped up my need to spiritually grow and connect to Source. It was like having a spark light my dry tinder.

I met my twin flame as a child...we bonded instantly and played for hours together there was no one else in our little world but us.. then suddenly he moved away and was gone I was broken hearted..acheing for him daily. Then we moved as a family and low and behold we found each other again and this time we dated....we were in out teens, it was the happiest time of my life, we swam in rivers walked mountains and loved each other passionately..he completed me and I him we were reflections of each other.. each with same but different qualities...then as we became more serious my father forbade us from seeing each other again.. and we were literally torn apart...I pined cried and ached for him I knew he was far away from me..physically I could feel it. spiritually he was right there in my heart. Some twenty years passed i tried to forget him and move on but oh nooooo just that little niggle deep down wondering......until one sunny day i was with my husband and children and there out of the blue....he stood and smiled at me my heart burst out of my chest.. i could not look into his eyes it always feels like we dont need to speak and time stops... we spoke briefly exchanging common courtesies...anyway my husband was very annoyed and could see the blatant I didnt see him again for another five years..then one day I felt compelled to attend my local memorial service to commemorate our service men and women on the sunday nearest the 11/11/11 hmmmmmm and sure enough there he was in his uniform... the bond between us in tangible spiritual and intense like a deep ache.....we can not be together we are both commit-ed to our spouses ...however I just know he feels me and I him we will be together one day.. for sure....we avoid each other now as the pull for each other is bonkers and we avoid all eye contact... its very funny actually. I feel him and he feels me I know hes ok we agreed to leave well alone as an affair would have been a definite...he waits for me and I wait for him...and we shall see what happens we meet intermittently expectantly and usually once or twice per ten years lol !! just a matter of time Im content and so is he.... we both know we are ment to be reunited..and we will be one day!

It pains me that after all this time, you cannot be physically together. WHYYYY!! O WHYYY!!! :(

What is stopping you? and Is it worth not being together?

i m in lov with my twin flame though we r miles apart i cud sense wht was gng to happen to him and always warned him for his future but on worldly terms we faught and we split but i can still feel his pain.

i wanna share with u guys this video about why some twin flames find it hard to be together...hope this helps and enlighten some of you:<br />
<br />

It is just so hard...circumstances are not right for me and my twinflame to be is driving me crazy...and I wonder what to do.....but I do not have time to wait (I would like to have a family too)...who knows it can take years...or never...but I wonder if you meet your twinflame...the perfect love...I would do anything to be with that person, nothing can stop you...why doubts?

I know exactly how to all feel.. I'm 21 years old I've know my twinflame since we were 12 years old, the first time we ever talk to each other was in middle school the 6th grade, it was just us walking to class he started talking and said everything I was saying but I was only saying it in my head. I got scared as hell and never talked to him again. after that we got older. he'd always find me and ask me if I had a boyfriend and I always did. 9 years later he finds me again! through a website we talk he gives me his number and boom! everything went well we talked all night.. he came to florida to visit his in the service. he came and saw me that night. I was thinking nothing of your soul connection until I felt it again! and this time it was stronger than ever. we kissed hugged we're in love very much. we sat and talked for a while. we didn't even have to say a word. I could hear him through my head I felt what he felt. he left back to the navy I had dreams of him for 6 months straight. their were times where I was angry because he was always in my dreams.. He would hug me and kiss me telling me it will be ok.. when we hugged in my dream it felt pure like god something I can never explain... I moved out state to be close to him.. but he never came to see me instead he found me again! ok now this time it was so scary.. because I seem his car twice so I tried to avoid him. but again he found me. i was hiding behind a brick wall (lol) he knew I was there, when I moved passed the wall he appeared and signal me to come to him. omg my heart at this time was in my behind! I couldn't breathe... when I got to him I couldn't talk I was like a zombie.. I just knew he was waiting for me to say something but I couldn't. he parked his car and got out, when he did.. I felt like this electric forces like a magnet was pulling us toward each other. he hugged me and it felt like I was gonna be ok like I can't describe it, it felt as if I should be there or like a this is home. I don't know sounds crazy. this was the strongest I've ever felt, our eyes were locked on each other we were talking freely, I thought I was crazy.. he begin to tell me. i always know where you are" I tried to play stupid I didn't want to ask him was he spiritual like me i never wanted him to know my gifts(i see,sense,feel,smell things before time I just know) so i knew he too had gifts.. after that day he was everywhere in my life again i could feel him when i lay down to the time i get up I can sense his thought i knew when i was going to see him. and so did he. we got into a agruement over the computer because I doubted us and i felt like he hiding this I just knew.. that when he told me he knows what i know. i already knew but it scared the hell outta me.. he erases himself from the site. I haven't heard from him since. I can only connect him through my soul when I say his name he comes.. I know how he feels when my heart races its him. we talk through dreams and through telepathic. I tell him I miss him all the time he misses me too this is the most hardest thing that could happen.. I wish I could remove him from my mind. but I can't Ive tried to date people they can't hold a candle to him. I cry at night I try my best to fight it but I can't I love him with all my heart I'll never love another like this. it so deep that no words can be placed. he's going through alot he has a child and he is involved with someone. but he has told me this.. "i just know" I'm single and is having money problems and I'm in college about to finish. I pray one day god allows us to be together cause nothing feels right.. the intense feeling I get with him as so shocking that it makes me wanna run.. I know were not ready. Its hurts. I hope we all have a chance. i'm so confused.. I see us in the future together but Idk when.. I'm driving somewhere..<br />
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I found the perfect song for us i'm sure y'all can relate.<br />
<br />

I didnt realise I had met mine until I started getting a spiritual feeling when i looked back and thought about her I realised that we had the same personality and we both found the same things funny and we seemed to instantly bond like old lovers at first i just thought i was head over heals for her but later i realised it was something special the feeling is very spiritual like she is part of me and i part of her I tried to bond with her but something kept us apart like we wernt meant to be a couple of weeks later we drifted apart ive read this is common in twinflames but idk something inside makes me think we are getting closer to each other even though in body we are apart also i feel we are both destined for something but what i dont know also when im sad it feels like she feels it and tries to comfort me and vice versa i can feel her sadness too also wierd stuff is happening to me like random people are talking to me ive never met before like they know me and other strange things like the other day a robin was following me when i was walking and wouldent leave me alone it felt like she was watching me through the robins eyes she is older than me abot 6 years older but age gaps do seem common for some reason

I met my twin flame 2 years ago...I can' believe that it has been that long...I can't believe I am using the term twin flame...I fell for him like nothing I had ever felt was not physical. Sometimes I had to force myself to look at him to see what he looks like...that was odd on it's own...We always just seemed to connect with our eyes...sometimes I had to not look at him because I did not want him to know how much I was hurting...or to show him my love...on the practical side I wanted him to think that this was just a passing thing...he is involved already...and I just know with my heart and soul that he would not hurt them...It hurts so much not to be with him...I keep telling myself I should let him go so I can move on...but I just can't imagine my world without him...we just seem so much intuned to each others that it was kinda eerie...all I can say for now is that if we are meant to be together I really pray that it is in this life time, This is very tiring to hold so close to ones heart everyday...I want to say I hope she loves him half as much as I do...but the selfish side of me hopes she doesn't...

Excellent Post, I have re-met my twinflame and it has floored me... I am so drunken by it. I can hardly think. It was 23 years ago we were last together. The power of that was staggering.. We drifted apart due to life and ego 'shoulds' getting in our way. I sincerely thought that re-meeting her would be so casual and friendly. But I was struck in the chest and have not recovered... <br />
Just found this info after a 'Seer' friend of mine picked up on it INDEPENDENTLY of me mentioning anything... Too many synchronicities. Too many 'kismet' things people say, I see or what ever.<br />
Two and a half weeks ago I would have grinning-ly poo-pooed this whole thing.<br />
Now it is more real than this life...<br />
<br />
The problem is I am married...<br />
Luckily, this Twin Flame is far away (geographically)...<br />
<br />
I am happy to see that I am not the only one that feels this way.. I am just now exploring this Twin Flame thing. It rings true to me. All the comments/stories have been inspiring to me... Thank you.

I met mine while I was ending my marriage, but I didn't want anyone to influence my decision, so I left to another state. Talk about some mixed feelings. I was ending a 10 year relationship and there walks into my life this man with so much light in his eyes , and a heart of gold. I went back to Florida and divorced my husband and kepted going about my life . I went to visit him about one year after and I can't explain how this man makes my soul feel. We are so intune . we don't have to speak , we can feel each others feelings . I am not with him right now. We speak daily, and we hope to be together. <br />
<br />
After staying in touch and a few visits here and there, I really do feel greatful for at least experiencing that type of lovehere on earth.

Karmic issues with current partners and your self must be worked through and released before you and your twin flame re-unite. If you are both incarnate this time round I believe this will be the final time you are incarnate in the physical on earth and will be going elsewhere or staying on a different level when you ascend or pass over. Twin souls are now coming together to do the spiritual work we agreed to do and the relationships are not "romantic" they are way deeper and more intense, scary if ur not ready and fulfilling on all levels if you are! I have yet to re-unite on the physical with mine . . .x

Karmic issues with current partners and your self must be worked through and released before you and your twin flame re-unite. If you are both incarnate this time round I believe this will be the final time you are incarnate in the physical on earth and will be going elsewhere or staying on a different level when you ascend or pass over. Twin souls are now coming together to do the spiritual work we agreed to do and the relationships are not "romantic" they are way deeper and more intense, scary if ur not ready and fulfilling on all levels if you are! I have yet to re-unite on the physical with mine . . .x

As we work on our selves we are also working to help our Twin flames. Work on improving you and you will draw your twin flame into you. I have been doing alot of reading on the subject lately. I too am in a married and oh I am in contact with my twin as well situation. I have posted some prayers to help with twin connections you may read them if you like. I too wish I could be with my twin in person as well, its driving us both nuts. We all will eventually make that reconnection and be reunited so do not dispair my spirit brothers and sisters.<br />

i feel the same here..i thought that maybe this is not the right time for us to be together, but for my twin flame, this might be our last incarnation that's why it is so hard for him to accept that after centuries of lost, and now we found each other..we can't be together? there is nothing that would hurt more than that..i am asking the same question too. :-( life is such a joke!

The wondering why is intense sometimes. One thing you will develop is patience. You will learn things you never realized were there.

You are right, there are things that need to be worked on with both of us. And you are right, you never know what will come to be. I guess it's best to just take it one day at a time.<br />
Thanks for responding.

you've come together to learn that is the twin flame theory, you have to be ready for each other before you can be together. so spend the time you can together in this life even if you can't be together they way you want, besides life is a tricky beast you may be able to get together any way. less than a year ago i was married and hadn't seen my wonderful one in over six years, now we're together and liking thousands of miles from home. things change you can change with them