My twin flame ended it a week ago. He has done this many times in our intense 3mth relationship. How do you go on knowing a part of you is missing? How do you let them go, even though you know it's the best thing for their inner growth? It's just too sad and hard to cope.
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If they're a part of you, they'll never be missing. Look within you and heal the beliefs and scars that make you believe you are incomplete and miserable without your other. You can do it <3

always remember you touched a place in their heart no one else will ever get close too. it is hard, I had to let my daughter go when she was 12 because she wanted to live with her mother, I had always had her and raised her on my own, I know this isn't the same, but the confussion and the pain pretty close, to this day even though she is grown, I still ache inside but I do know it was for her best interest. you seem like a very loving and wonderful woman, that is very rare this day and time

Thank you. I too gave up my two older boys to live with their dad. They were 12 and 11. It still hurts deep inside when I think of the last goodbye. I try to be genuine

you are amazing no doubt

This is a hard process going trough it right now........ Hang on .... Sometimes soup need more ingredients to be consumed........ If its ment to be then He will be back ....because like you he needs the connection of your love...

You opened your heart. Now there is a hole in it. But it heals and day by day you will get better. You will have a piece of your souls and you will have his forever.Even though you feel so sad, best to make yourself very busy. Take care sweet lady.

Thankyou. Just go day by day and the hurt will lessen. Still feels like such a shame. How do I find someone else knowing they will always be second best?

They will of course be different. They may be better. Remember you only know what you know now. With that knowledge he may have been wonderful. But then you discover someone better and your knowledge and expectation raises a new bar- as in high jump!

After many more reunions, many more splits and so much more intensity, it sadly came to a final end last Sunday. He broke it off with pathetic txt message and I will never return to be abused like that again. You just have to know when the line is truly crossed. The pain is not as bad as the earlier times because I've gradually strengthened and grown. It's been one hell of a journey tho!

What a true shame! A text? 😳 Seems sad that for the intensity that you both felt that there was no kinder way to say goodbye one last time. Then again, saying goodbye is NEVER kind, nor easy. 😔

After 6 months I expected far better than a txt. I can still feel his energy at times and wish I didn't.

It must have been a REALLY FUN experience, in a certain respect, but you might want to consider letting the "energy" go away. 😳 I can't even begin to imagine what your feelings for each other was, but I would have thought that if he truly cared, he would have found a better way to say "Goodbye". I feel bad for you that you had to go through this. You look so pretty in your picture and seem like a nice person in your posts. 😔

I am and didn't deserve that treatment. The worst part happened two weeks later when I saw on Facebook he was in a relationship. He is with a pretty 40 yr old and he's 52 like me. Was like the final kick to the gut. He never wanted a relationship and then two weeks later jumped into one. Which means he was probably seeing both of us for a time. I'm just concentrating on me now and trying to let it all go. Time to surrender to whatever is meant to be :(

How come ALL the pretty women are Aussies? You're SO FAR AWAY! 😔

Oh thanks. You're very sweet

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I lost my 'soulmate' - the situation was such that we had no choice. It is a wound that will never scar-over like past loves. A wound that will never heal. True Soulmates are once in a lifetime, it feels like a piece of my DNA is in her and a piece of hers is in me. Forever. The only thing I could do was 'celebrate' / embrace the sadness until it died down enough for me to focus on other things again. Write it out, poems - stories - draw it, stitch it - whatever it takes. You will always carry a piece of them, try to see the good in that. It helps.

I understand your pain. This connection is hard to understand. Especially when they run away from you. That's when all the confusion starts and it has you wondering if this person loves you or not and if it's all in your head. Have you spoken to friends and family about this? Because if you did, you might of had some difficulty getting them to understand you and it's frustrating.

I did tell friends and family about it. They lost patience with me in the end. Only ppl on here have understood the situation.

They majority of people on this planet haven't gone through this type of thing so they will throw you off my giving you misleading information. Even though it's not their intent. It's only a small number of people going through this. So I have no choice but to depend on the internet for someone to talk to. It's a very lonely place when no one understands you or your situation.

So true ...