I love my twin flame..and My life has completely changed. I know now that from here on
out there is one person that I will never be able to live
without. HIs name is Christopher. My love of a lifetime. As
a little girl, I would fantasize about finding my prince or
meeting "The One." Little did I know that it would be a long
hard journey but well worth it.
I met Christopher at a time in my life when I was just
coming into my own self. I was still a tad shaky but
steadily learning and striving for better. One sunny spring
day I sat down next to this guy. He was in town for a family
trip. We began to talk and it was instant attraction. There
is no other way to describe it. I offered to show him New
Orleans night life and we walked around the french quarters
talking and having a very good time. The end of our night I
decided to show him the river walk. It was very beautiful
that night. Peaceful..steamboats docked..a guy down the way
playing a guitar and singing..other couples walking
around..and many stars filling the night sky...We were
instantly drawn to each a bee flocks to sweet
nectar. WE kissed. I fell into his kiss like a feather falls
into the grand canyon..slow and deep. I'm sure I am still
falling. That kiss changed both of our lives. I was never
the same after that. I remember telling a friend.I"m in love!
One year and a few months later..Christopher and I stood in
contact even though he lives 1500 miles away from me. We
still fell in love. It is so strong and deep. Deeper than
anything in the world for me.
He is my twinflame..the other part of will cease to
exist without him in it.
I do feel truly blessed because of this sacred union between us.
In a few days he will be in town again..this will be his
third visit.
In all my 26 years I've done nothing but dream of this
happenening to me..of a man loving me just as much as i love
them. Sometimes it is really scary and i get overwhelmed
with all of these emotions. But I know that this is what God
ordained and Christopher and I have a mission. We will give
people hope of love. I believe that now. I know.
I remember a long time ago
i was on a flight and i met this couple...they reminded me
of fact they must have been twinflames..I
heard them talking about thier mission and they were doing it.
and now...i have this lovely sweet big heart man in my
life..that's all mine and we have our mission..and our lives
to live together. I'm so grateful and thankful I can't even
explain. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around it..I
can't believe i actually got what i wanted..God gave me this
gift..this beautiful gift..
I'll always cherish.

qjlebeau qjlebeau
26-30, F
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Thank you for sharing, and my prayers are with you both. Take care