It's Complicated

It is very complicated

We have our moments

Dont hate

We make it work. They came for the champagne and stayed for the bubkiss
NotLarryBubkiss NotLarryBubkiss
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3 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Boot time you read this

ohh archie with his menage .. ah la la .. your too funny larry .. I was laughing at the pics until I saw your avatar ... that made me spit my diet coke damn you not larry =-D *puts on protective waterproof headgear from naughty monkey *

Yay SK!!!!! Monkey is sorry. He can refill it for you. No?

our arrangement is strange but it works. haters will hate

Not conventional, but really in this day and age what is?

not a damn thing.

True that **** yo. True that.