I Know He Doesn't Love Me.

Yeah, I love a Marine, but he doesn't love me.

Why do they change so much when they come back from a deployment? He ignores me now...

I wish happiness and good health to everyone and their Marines.

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even if you dont think he loves you just be there for him, he has been through a lot and its hardfor them to process it and live with it. it will take him some time to learn how to deal with things you just have to let him know you are there for him and support him 100% hopefully with time it will all come around and when it does he will realize that you stuck with him through a hard time and that will mean the world...stay strong

you will love in love more than once in your life and so will he. you may not even love anyone, i don't right now. just focus on being who you are.

My marine just got back at the end of june. he didnt experience too much right off the bat but for the last month and a half he has been holding things in and pushes me away sometimes. Dont take it personal like he does not love you. I am sure it is not that but understand the feeling of making you feel that way. Let him talk to you when he feels like talking. My marine has taken a turn for the better recently so letting him deal with it helped this time around. Just let him know you support him and are here for him when he wants to talk. Dont push them thou. Not a good idea. I dont know why they do but i watch the movie stop loss and it all made sense why. If you havent seen it i would recommend it that is for sure. They see things that no one should have to see but that is their Job. But just remember that being with a Marine you will never be their first and only love. The USMC will always come before you. it is just a part of them we have to deal with and love them no matter what. Mine has been in for 15 and should be retired in 5 years. It is not easy and if you ever need to talk just let us girls that understand know and we are more than happy to help.<br />
Best of Luck!<br />

My husband got back from his tour of duty in 2003. He blocked a lot out from what happened over there. His memory failed...it's taken five years and it's finally come back. Dealing with the after takes a lot of patience...and some assistance. I wish we would have done PTSD counseling a long time before (it wasn't noticeable but it would have helped in preventative measures because he became depressed and more isolated the more he was untreated)<br />
<br />
There are people that will help without medication first, just do a lot of talk therapy, then you can go from there to see what's going on. If he doesn't want to go then you can't force him. But if you need someone to talk to, then you should seek out support as well. Other people in the same situation will be willing to listen and share stories, I'm sure.<br />
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Take care.

in due time he will realize he has someone good and he will love you lots