So Proud..

So I have had my current job for about three weeks, and I love it! 
I am a bridal consultant, so I see tons of girls everyday trying on wedding gowns and being giddy with delight.
I have had to pleasure to meet some girls that are getting ready to marry a Marine, which is so exciting! We talk the whole time about how they met, what they do, and so on.
Yesterday, I talked to a girl looking for a dress for the Marine Corp Ball, she wasn't sure what to wear, so I sent her in the right direction.

After 7 months of being married to a Marine, I finally realize how proud I am to be a Marine Wife! I couldn't ask for anything else! I stand tall and proud when asked what my husband does... "he is a Marine!"

ewebb723 ewebb723
26-30, F
Jul 28, 2010