My Present From My Bf Over In Afgan...

So i was sittin at work this morning and zacks mom walks in and said i had a package sent to her house... which is very odd i thought but i was like ok. she said it was out in her car and wanted to know if it would be ok if i brought it in. i told of of course it was all the time i am like wfc is it... well she brings in this big box and hands me a letter. THE LETTER WAS FROM zack!!! he wrote it before he left... "hey princess i figured you would be getting kinda lonely in that big ol bed of yours by now sorry its a little late but i love you and our new baby her name is lillie " i was like holy crap what has he done now lol but when i went around the counter and opened the box there was a PUPPY!!! he got me a great dane!!! she is so pretty and i love her already ) he had the whole thing planed out before her ever even left ) gosh i love that man
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4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

That is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aww that is so cuteee! lillie is so adorable !

thanks very much :) i like to think that i am just very blessed

That is the sweetest thing =) You're such a lucky girl.