Hey Ladies

hi everyone,

My name is Vanessa and I'm new member. I have been with my Marine for over a year and been living together for six months. I hope to get to know all of you very well. Hope all of you are doing great ^_^

~Semper Fi
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

wow a second deployment. how do you deal with him being away? <br />
i go nuts at home waiting for him to get home from work, thankfully he won't deploy for a couple years now but what do you do to keep your relationship strong?<br />
i don't like thinking of him deploying but its inevitable at one point

yeah i know. ugh deployments suk!!! lol ure lucky u havnt yet. lol<br />
i will!! :)<br />
i been trying to stay strong always for my marine cuz it takes a special kind of girl to deal with what we have to! <br />
take care too mama n hit me up wheneva!

hey jessica,<br />
<br />
its nice to meet you ^_^ wow your second deployment....havent gone through one yet...hope your doing well. It sound like everything is going with you. I would like to keep in contact to just talk ^_^ take care and stay strong!<br />
~Semper Fi~

hey mama!! my name is jessica<br />
n i been with my marine a lil over a year. were going thru our second deployment now. <br />
we dont live together but when he comes back i hope we get married n start too.<br />
hopefully my marine will be back in time for me to graduate with my associates degree. his deployment is 7 months n counting...lol :)<br />
hit me up wheneva!! <br />
semper fi!