I think a day like this is the day that we take a minute and really fee and understand the sacrifices that the young men and women make for the country. And on top of that, its not just them but their families, also because I believe a part of their families goes with them, and if they dont return alive, something part inside their families heart dies with them.

I personally I don't know how its like to give your life for others to live, but i know this, its a very courageous thing to do. And today we shall salute all women and men in uniform and wish their families well, both health and wealth, because most us forget how these two things both take a toll on them

I was happy listening to one of the marine who served his country and unlike many others, unfortunately, he didn't end up homeless or struggle, but he was lucky to find a great opportunity to which he started his own business and able to enjoy the dream he fought for. I was very happy listening to his talk. i was happy to know they kind of business that I am in, helped somebody.

Happy Veterans Day Everyone...    
bmabala bmabala
26-30, M
Nov 10, 2010