Deployments Are The Devil

They suck. They really really suck. I'm not usually an anxious crazy lady. However, since December I have been. The one thing I hate most is those friends who are dating some one who doesn't go to the same College, and it's "So difficult" for them... You just want to be like.."Really betch, Really?" So frustrating. Between the no one understanding how it feels to the fake sypethetic stares, I want to punch most people around me in the face. The loneliness and doubt is unbearable. The days without any contact.I'm a straight up mess of a child right now... Deployments are the Devil..

I know I'm a horrible speller, don't judge me. Haha.

SarahBelle27 SarahBelle27
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2012

I know right! I have a friend whos boo lives a few hours away. She complains all of the time. Wow, When my Marine was in the states I got to dee him pretty much every weekend. I;m sorry you don't get to see him more often :(

well if things work the way we are planning i should be moved out there and on base with him by the end of the year. at least we are hoping!

Oh that's awesome! I hope it all goes smoothly.

I haven't dealt with deployment yet and i can honestly say I am terrified. lol. my marine is stationed at Camp Pendleton in CA while i am stuck in IL. i get to see him every six months when he comes home for leave. I haven't seen him since the 27th of december and i still have 118 days to go. :( I hate my friends that complain about not being able to see their man during the week or they go a whole day without them, try going six months at a time 2000 miles away. lol. btw my name is Katherine :)