Just A Girl & Her Marine. <3

Hey ladies,
So heres my story.
im writing this basically in hopes to have some support i guess.
Well, ive been dating my marine since we were in high school. we started dating the summer before our senior year. so in may will be 4 years weven been together..
granted it hasnt been the perfect relationship... what relationship is though??? but anyways weve been on/off again a lot. i even dated someone else for like 6 months... ill get into that later.

ill start from the beginning..

Ok so we were broken up before he went to basic. (Parris Island)
And he left in aug 2010. i get a letter in sep.. n i was like whatt... is this?? totally shocked.. i honestly didnt think id ever hear from him again.
so time goes on we keep writing each other. turns out he truly misses me. etc etc.

n then dec rolls around, he graduates boot camp. ....turns out i couldnt go.. :(
yes i was upset.. but anyways, he came home..
and i knew something wasnt right...
he never called me. attempted to get a hold of me while he was home or anything.. i was very hurt by this. so we ended up talking bout it and he told me that now that he was home he didnt feel that connection anymore.. i guess basic just got to him it was hard n everything he needed me, someone to help him through it idk, whatever so we broke up before he left to go to MCT, but we continued being friends. well i think it was after Mct finished, idk he was at johnson. I ended up moving to jacksonville to be with him and try to start a life, and try to give things a shot again. so he bought me a ticket i packed a duffelbag n got on plane from tampa to jacksonville this was in may of 2011.
Ill never forget how happy i was to see him again. it had been 7 months since i had last seen him. but yeah so i stayed in a hotel for a lil bit. we eventually got an apartment.. but this is where things take a turn for the worse... a turn no one saw coming..
Things got bad, i guess i was stressed and scared. I ended up leaving after only being there for two weeks.. I called my dad and he got my brother to buy me a plane ticket to come back home to fl.
So i woke up the next morning got a cab and went to the airport and i was on my way home. Ughh i cried the whole way home. :( Chris, thats my Marine. well, i hurt him bad. he was so upset.. he never wanted me to go.
Well once i got home, we tried to stay together, it worked for a little bit, we argued again like always, i just couldnt do it anymore.
So we broke up. i broke up with him, and he basically cut me off. And in august i started dating this guy aaron. who i ended up dating til jan. i was happy or thought i was, but he got tired of dealing with my dad, who i live with still. he just got on his nerves i guess. so aaron ended up leaving me. and during the time i dated aaron chris still tried to talk to me. i did talk to him every once in awhile.
but once me n aaron broke up. i got back in contact with chris. who is now deployed in Afghanistan. hes been deployed since mid jan. but i didnt start talking to him til early feb. n we ended up getting back together. we both apologized for everything had our true heart to heart and just got everything out that needed to be said i guess.
Sooo here we are now. :) Hes still in Afghanistan, he comes home in Aug.
Im missing him like crazy I havent seen him since before i left North Carolina. So may will be a year. :(
He still loves me. we talk almost everyday, or whenever hes able to get on facebook. hes kinda sorta busy over there i guess.
And from what he tells me, i guess hes gonna be proposing sometime when hes home.. so idk.. i hope so. :)
And were getting an apartment when hes home. this time itll work though. :) im not gonna be stupid again. haha.
But yeahhh. so thats it.. i dont think i forgot anythingggg...
if you have any questions about me or my marine. message me. :)
jenszybby jenszybby
18-21, F
Apr 3, 2012